Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Hard Decision

Well last week we had to make one of the hardest decisions. J & J's case has taken a turn from the pre-adoptive status to more of a foster care case. The worker insists that she thinks that they will still be available for adoption eventually but that is not what we are looking for :-( Unfortunately Big J's behaviors will only get worse with the continuation of visits and it will be months (possibly years) before he could start healing and bonding with us. We want to find one or possibly two more kiddos to adopt that we can bond with right away and they with us. So last week we were forced to make the decision to have J & J moved to another home in hopes that then we will find our forever kid(s). We asked the worker about splitting the boys as little J is currently available for adoption with out all the drama but we were told that the court (and worker) want to keep the boys as one case so they will have to move together. There is a family here in town that have shown interest to me about the boys but the worker is avoiding my calls at this time so I haven't been able to pass on the other foster parent's information.

We do love these boys and wish them and their new family all the best!

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