Monday, November 28, 2011

O Christmas Tree

On Saturday we put up our Christmas tree while listening and dancing to Christmas music.

After putting the tree up we realized the room just didn't look right so Brooke & I took down all of our spring/summer living room decor and did a little room makeover. :)

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

As per tradition we spent Thanksgiving at Grammy & Papa's house!

This year I am very thankful for the wonderful family that I have been blessed with!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Answers but not really

I spent the day yesterday shopping (by myself, boo Robin for backing out on me...sickness is not an excuse!) thinking that any moment my phone would ring.  It didn't ring all day so I stopped by the house to check e-mail before heading up to get Lexy.  Our worker had e-mailed (chicken!) that the judge set a hearing date for the end of January to hear the fostermoms side.  It also said that the kids can't be moved until then and we can't visit.  I called our worker and we talked about what this means for us. 

We have no idea how the judge will rule in January.  He could rule against the agency and SRS and let the fostermom adopt or he could uphold agency/SRS decision and the kids would then be placed with us (if we are still interested).  What we have decided is for our sanity we will move forward and look at new profiles.  If there are any kiddos that we are interested in we will have our worker submit our homestudy.   Then in January we will wait to see what the judge's decision is.  If these kids are meant to be ours then it will all work out and if they aren't meant to be ours then maybe our kids will present themselves while we wait!

I returned the car seats was hard...felt like we were giving up.  But we can't have three extra car seats sitting in our car for two months :(  The jammies, stroller and some of the toys still need to be returned.  We've decided to still get the bunk bed set, we promised Lexy she could have one either way.

I've had my moments of "why are we being put through this again?".  Our family has been through a lot of heartache and loss when it comes to kiddos that we have loved.  But we do all feel that this (adopting again) is what we are supposed to be doing so we'll push forward.  We know that we are truly blessed to have one another and if our family is meant to grow again then it will. :)  So for now we will enjoy spending time as our little family and celebrate the holidays to the fullest while we wait!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I'm sitting here with knots in my stomach.  I've already taken tums this morning.  I need to get out of this house...waiting on Robin to be ready to go.

Court was this morning at 8:30am.  Our adoption worker said she would call as soon as she heard the outcome.  The judge could decide that the fostermom doesn't have a case and end everything today allowing us to move the kids here and adopt or the judge could decide that the fostermom has a case and schedule a trial/hearing date to hear the evidence...which would most likely be months down the road.

The waiting and stress are getting to me.  I'm tired of not knowing what to say to anyone when they ask about the kids.  Especially Lexy, she is so excited about getting more siblings and she wants to talk about them all the time and it makes me so sad to have to continuously remind her that they may not be coming at all. 

I had already ordered several Christmas gifts for the they are arriving and with each box my stomach gets one more knot.  I have three car seats sitting unopened in my car...I don't know whether I should take them back.  There is a stroller, beds and bedding ordered and sitting at the store awaiting pickup...ugh.  I go Christmas shopping and tell myself not to buy anymore for the three kids but somehow there's always something in the bag for them when I leave...

I just need someone to give me answers.

Monday, November 14, 2011


After several conversations back and forth, a transition plan was made and approved by all involved today.  We were to have our first weekend visit this weekend with a final move in date of Dec. 8.  We had made all the plans to make it happen and were all SO excited.

THEN our worker called tonight and dropped the bomb.  Foster mom did indeed get a lawyer and petitioned the court to stop the move and allow her to adopt the children.  We knew this was a possibility but it SUCKS!!!

Thankfully court was set for next Tuesday (usually it takes much longer to get a court date).  I'm just hoping that this court date will result in a final answer.    I do hope that final answer is in our favor but ultimately I just want what is best for those three little ones.

So obviously the visit for this weekend was cancelled...and we're mad and sad and frustrated and confused. :(

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The good, the bad and the ugly

The good...

We will be starting transition visits soon.

The bad...

The team now wants to do a 30 day transition plan.

The ugly...

The fostermom has filed a grievance with the agency.  She also might be obtaining an attorney to fight having the kids moved.

We knew this was a possibility :(  All we know is that SRS denied her for adoption.  We don't know the reason but it was serious enough to not let her adopt these kids who have been with her for 18 months.  She has the right to disagree with their decision and fight it.  But the unknown sucks for us.

The team has made it clear that we are the family they have chosen for the kids and that we will move forward towards the goal of them moving to us unless/until they are told by the court to stop the move.

Our worker has been told to start transition visits. the question remains of how we will do those visits.  Fostermom may or may not cooperate, we are 3 hours (one way) away, the weather is going to start getting bad for traveling, once a week visits and a long transition won't be best for these kids, we are scared to death to get attached etc., etc.  Our worker said she was going to talk with a children's therapist and the team to discuss what options we have.

I WANTED THIS TO BE EASY!!!  I know our plan isn't always God's plan...

Today I am thankful for three little sweeties that have no idea that we already love them and can't wait to hug them tight.  I ordered their Christmas jammies today...although I had to guess on sizes...I can't wait to see them wearing them!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Couldn't wait

We haven't heard anything since our file read meeting last Thursday about the adoption.  We are waiting to hear answers on a few questions there are with the case.

We just couldn't wait any longer to do SOMETHING to make getting chosen for the kids seem real.  On Friday we went to Wal-Mart and got paint to paint the room that Lexy and the kids will share and Daddy and Lexy stayed up late painting while Brooke & I went  to see "Footloose".

This is the before color...what Lexy calls a yucky grey blue.  Lexy picked a great color called "bermuda blue" that I'll post when we hear that we can actually set up the room!

Today I am thankful that my family is so excited for the possibility of this adoption.  Lexy can't wait to share a room with her siblings. :)

Lexy's Program

Last Thursday evening Lexy had her 2nd grade Music Program.  The theme this year was Americana.  The kids were asked to dress in red, white and/or blue and they sang some really cute songs.

Lexy with her 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Springer

Sunday, November 6, 2011


Last night we were all sitting in the living room when I felt the couch start shaking.  At first I thought Lexy was kicking the back of the couch but then Brooke turned around from the computer with eyes wide asking "what's happening?"  The entire house shook for about 20-30 seconds.  We're supposed to have to worry about tornados...not earthquakes!

Today I am thankful that we do not live where there are actual earthquakes.  The news said this earthquake happened 200 and some miles away and just our little house shakin' was enough for me!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Long Day

Today was file read day.  Mike and I headed out for a three hour drive to the adoption office, sat and read three HUGE files (and there are still at least three more to read thru later) and then headed back for another three hour drive home.  Thanks to Papa & Grammy for getting the girls from school and staying with them until we got home!

The file read went as expected...we kinda knew what was important to look for and write down since we have done this before.  It is definitely sad to read about the life these kids and their parents, grandparents and great parents have lived.  It's all just a vicious cycle :(

We gave our official "YES" to the adoption placement and now we wait for word on what will happen next.  Normally at this point we would start transition visits while we wait for SRS to set up a subsidy/apa meeting but because of the circumstances in this case we are not sure how it will all go. 

There is still a chance that this could all be drastically delayed or not happen at all...and that scares me because our family is 100% committed to these little ones and we have already begun to consider them a part of our family.  Trying to stay positive...

Today I am very very thankful for my family :)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thankful November

Because I have SO much to be thankful for in my life (and it is one of the words we are working on as a family), I'm going to attempt to write about something I'm thankful for as many days in November as I can. :)

Today I am thankful for cold medicine.  Without it I'd feel even worse than I do!  I'm thinking my girls (and maybe even Mike) are thankful for my lack of a voice. :)

Halloween 2011

As per tradition, we celebrated Halloween this year with the local Spook Parade, school parties and trick or treating.

Brooke really didn't dress up this year.  She wore her "Thriller" outfit while she worked at the Spook Parade Bash and on Halloween night she put a headband around her head and called herself an Indian/Hippie while she hung out with a group of friends.

Lexy decided she wanted to be a Werewolf this year.  Her other choice was a flamingo but she decided she wanted to be scary...and boy was she!  With her glasses Lexy has a hard time wearing masks so we decided to paint her face to go with her costume and I think it turned out great.  I love that that girl never goes with the "normal" she's always thinking outside of the box!