Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Adoption Update

Yesterday was court on the sibling group of five for PRT (parental rights termination).  Our worker called today to tell us the results:
  • Fathers rights were terminated
  • Mothers rights were relinquished on the older four with a stipulation of trying to still reintegrate the youngest
  • A relative has been identified as potentially wishing to adopt
So now the workers must do a home assessment and background checks on the interested relatives.  If that comes back ok then the relatives will have first option of adoption.  If it doesn't come back ok then we will be considered for adoption of the older four (if the current foster home doesn't change their mind on adopting).  The youngest will stay where he is and birthmom will work a reintegration plan for him.  If that should not work out then the youngest would then be adopted (hopefully by the same family that adopts the older four). 

So for us this means more waiting...waiting to find out if the relatives pass the assessment and checks...waiting to see if they truly wish to adopt....waiting to see how the foster family feels now that the kids would be split up due to birthmom still trying for reintegration of the youngest....waiting is HARD!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Memorial Weekend

On Saturday Brooke and I got to spend several hours at the walk in clinic after she woke me up at 5:45am because her ear hurt her.  She ended up with swimmer's ear and a possible inner ear infection.  After we got home, Lexy had a birthday slumber party to go to for the afternoon/night at her friend Ria's house (her first one).  Mike and I spent all evening in the basement gathering and pricing for a garage sale.

Sunday we spent most of the afternoon outside after Mike put up the tetherball and the volleyball net in the back yard.  We had hamburgers on the grill for dinner.  Then we went on a walk before roasting marshmallows in the firepit and playing with our new light up frisbee.

We had a "be lazy around the house" day on Monday for the holiday.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Summer Camp - Week 1

Summer always gets away from us and by the end I don't feel like I've taken all the opportunities that I could have to make memories with my girls.  So this summer I've planned weekly "Summer Camp" themes for Lexy and I to do together.

Since we only had a couple days left of the week after school was out, we didn't have a theme but we still managed to make a "shake up your mind jar", have a water fun/friend day with Avree, perform a random act of kindess, make mini smores and play several Wii games together :)

Brooke has been busy hanging out with friends, sunbathing and SLEEPING!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Last Day

Brooke got out a couple days earlier but today was Lexy's last day of second grade!  I got both the girls a "welcome summer" gift (a nail kit for Brooke and a Webkinz for Lexy) and Lexy and I went to DQ to have an afterschool snack :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

And she's off...

Before it was put away for the winter, Lexy had begun to practice trying to ride her bike without training wheels but had not mastered it.  We got her bike out a couple of nights ago and she hopped on and took off!!!  She was as surprised as us when she did it and she was so proud of herself :)

Now we can't get her off of her bike!  She wants to ride from the time she gets home from school until bedtime every night!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Mike was such a good hubby this year for Mother's Day. :) I had confided to him that I had never really fully enjoyed Mother's Day because I am too worried about making plans, etc. for the day.  He stepped up to the plate this year and made all the plans for the day, picked out wonderful gifts for me, did some of the honey do projects around the house that I've mentioned and then took Lexy on a long walk while I just relaxed at home by myself (Brooke was at the HS graduation ceremony).

We met Mammaw & Grandpa Tom, Papa & Grammy and CJ & Jessie and Ashley, Tori, Sheila, Toby and Johnny at Golden Corral for breakfast this year.  It was fun but way crowded and we really didn't get to sit around and talk much.  I'm thinking that maybe the picnic lunch we had at our house last year was better for us since there was more time to talk and the kids had a place to play plus hopefully next year we'll have more kiddos too. :)  We'll see,  I am just thankful that crowded or not I got to spend time with the most important people in my life.

Some pics from the day...

Toby - Brooke - Johnny - Ashley - Sheila - Tori - Lexy

CJ & Jessie with Toby, Tori, Ashley, Johnny and Sheila

Mammaw & Grandpa Tom

Papa & Grammy

My gifts included a family birthstone necklace from Brooke and a handmade ring and bracelet (made with beads and dried potatoes!) and a sweet card from Lexy also a saphire necklace and earrings and some flowers! I am SO blessed to have such a wonderful family!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Our little artist

Lexy amazes me sometimes with the artwork that she comes up with!  She's one talented little girl :)

Lexy's bulldog

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Brooke's actual birthday was filled with LOTS of Reece's Peanut Butter Cups (she got them all day long from Taryn), cookies baked by Suzy, lots of b-day wishes at school, lunch out with Mom and Courtney and ice cream at DQ with Mom, Lexy and Taryn after school!  That evening was spent at the ball fields cheering on her friends.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sweet Sixteen

Happy Sweet 16th Birthday Brooke!!!

Dear Brooke,

On your 16th Birthday I want you to know that I truly believe that you are one of the most amazing people in this world!  You are your own person...independent, headstrong, loyal, loving, fierce, crazy, goofy, compassionate, silly and smart (when you want to be!)...and you don't look to others for approval.  You are confident in who you are and what you do. 

You have a huge heart and fiercely defend those that you love or that you feel are being mistreated.  You choose to make the right choices instead of the easy choices even if it means going against what "everyone else" is doing.  You take chances and put yourself out accept your triumphs and failures gracefully knowing that you have learned something from each experience.

You have carefully surrounded youself with friends that accept you just the way you are, would never intentionally hurt you and love you unconditionally...just as you do them.  Now that you are sixteen and permitted to date, my hope is that you will look for those same qualities in a boy.

The next couple of years will be bittersweet as I watch you become even more independent in preparation for going out into the world on your own.  I hope that the one thing that we can hold onto is our close relationship, even when we drive each other crazy!

I want you to know that you make this momma so proud of the woman that you are becoming!

Mom <3

Monday, May 7, 2012

Mother/Daughter Tea

A few hours after returning from Brooke's birthday party we had a Mother/Daughter Tea to attend for Brooke's sorority.  There was lots of yummy things to eat (I had made mini versions of Brooke's birthday cupcakes to take), fun conversations and the event always ends with an auction where each girl/mom brings one good gift and one not-so-good-gift (that is usually wearable), so fun! 

Why do I always forget to get a picture of Brooke and I?

Brooke & Suzy

Suzy got one of the gag gifts again this diapers...she and Brooke just had to try one on!!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Party...Sweet 16 Style

About noon on Saturday we (Brooke, Taryn, Marley, Suzy, Natasha and I) headed up to the city.  Our first stop was the mall where Brooke spent some of the money that she had been given by us and her friends for her birthday.  After about three hours of shopping we headed to the hotel to check in, unload the van and relax for just a little bit before heading to the movie theatre.  The girls chose "21 Jumpstreet" to watch.  After the movie we went to Target for more shopping and then headed back to the hotel.  The rest of the evening was spent swimming, talking/giggling, ordering and eating lots of pizza and gorging on homemade cupcakes and candy.  Lindsey had to work all day but did make it to the hotel late that night.  Courtney ended up sick and didn't make it.  I think everyone was out by about 1:30am.

The girls were up again before 7am and about 8am headed down to eat breakfast.  After breakfast they all (except Lindsey) piled back into the bed and slept until 10am when I woke them up to head home (in the rain!).

Brooke has awesome friends.  There was love, laughter, teasing and fun all day/night long and absolutely no drama...just the way it should be!!  I hope Brooke is blessed with these kind of friendships forever!

The invite


After :)

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Cupcakes

Tomorrow Brooke, 5-6 of her friends and I will be heading up to the city to celebrate Brooke's 16th Birthday.  We are shopping, seeing a movie and staying at a hotel (with a pool).  Last week I found the perfecct cupcakes to make for Brooke for her birthday, Peanut Butter Cup, her very favorite.  I spent most of the day today making the JUMBO cupcakes and icing.  I've also made toppers for them that I'll put on at the hotel.

PB cup baked into the center!!

Only PART of the kitchen mess I had to clean up afterwards!!!

For the recipe for the cupcakes and icing go to...

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Prom 2012 Take 2

Over the weekend Brooke went to her second prom of the season, this one was at her high school.  Her date was a friend from school.  Brooke and her date went to eat with several other couples then they all got ready together before going to walk in, prom and after prom.

Brooke & Colby

Adoption Update

1.) Sib set of 5 (g-4, g-3, b-2, b-1, b-2 mos) - PRT set for May- May 29th PRT date.  Today the adoption team asked for our information to review.  A phone conference will be set for May 30 or 31.  At this time we are still the only family interested if foster family doesn't change their mind.
2.) Sib set of 3 (b-3, g-2, g-almost 1) - PRT happening soon - PRT set for May 10.  Friends of the foster family are interested in adoption...not sure if other families will be looked at or not.
3.) Single child (g-3) - PRT set for April - PRT sched. for April 30, have not heard outcome.  Sounds like several families interested.
4.) Single child (g-1.5) - PRT happening soon
5.) Single child (b-4 mos) - PRT set for end of April

PRT (parental rights terminated) - after this happens it takes 4-8 weeks to get back the JE (court journal entry) and then a BIS (best interest staffing to choose a family) is set. **We were told that the BIS can now be scheduled before the JE is rec'd so hopefully that will speed up the process!