Monday, February 27, 2012

My mantra for the week...

My hope is that we will know by the end of this week who our next children will be.  We have a staffing tomorrow for two little girls and then the court date (hopefully the last) will be on Wed. for the three kids.  Praying for peace for whatever the outcome is...whatever's meant to be will be.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Brooke's Formal Dance

Brooke & Suzy - Brooke & Drew - Brooke - Lindsey, Taryn & Brooke

Over the weekend Brooke attended the formal dance put on by her high school sorority.  She looked SO beautiful!  She found her dress on one of our shopping trips and knew it was the one when she couldn't leave the store without it. :)  She did her makeup and hair herself and it all came together perfectly!  She said she had a very good time with her friends and her date!

Friday, February 17, 2012

The waiting continues...

Today was supposed to be court to wrap up testimony in the three kids case.  We were supposed to have a ruling today.  I just heard back from our adoption worker that one of the people that needed to testify couldn't make it today so the judge continued court until 2/29.

We have a staffing for the two girls (8.5 and 3 yrs) on 2/28 so our worker said that she'll have to let them know about court the next day on the three kids.  I asked if she thought they wouldn't choose us b/c of that...I'm worried that we won't be chosen for the girls b/c of court the next day and then court won't go in our favor either. :(

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day started out with pink heart chocolate chip pancakes before school.  For dinner I made heart shape mini pizzas and for dessert we had oreo poke cake (yum!).  I got roses from Mike (he gave them to me early) and I gave him a card and candy.  We gave Brooke an I tunes card and a reeses heart and Lexy a build a bear small fry koala and russell stover candy.

In the evening, we all went to watch Brooke cheer and dance at the game.


Lexy has been waiting and waiting and waiting for it to snow.  She loves playing in the snow and has been so disappointed that we have had such a warm winter (not that I'm complaining!).  So it finally snowed overnight...the girls were both disappointed that they didn't have a snow day from school!  After school Lexy bundled up and happily enjoyed the little bit of snow.

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Dream Come True

All day on Saturday Lexy kept saying "This is a dream come true" and smiling from ear to ear!  All because she got to meet Billy "The Exterminator" Bretherton in person. :) 

Lexy loves his show and watches it every time it is on plus she also watches it on the computer all the time!  Mike heard that Billy would be at the auto show near us so we surprised Lexy.

Lexy must not be the only one that loves Billy/the show because we had to wait in line FOREVER to get the chance to meet him (and she was smiling ear to ear the whole time).  We were very impressed with how Billy interacted with each person.  Lexy wanted her picture taken with him, him to sign the picture we bought and also she wanted him to sign her "Billy" boots that she wore...and he did it all!  Billy's wife, Mary was also there but after some thought Lexy decided she didn't want her picture or signature...we think Lexy wants to pretend Mary doesn't exist haha! :)

Lexy now wants a Billy The Exterminator 8th birthday party next month!

Also at the auto show was Zendaya Colemen, "Rocky" off of one of Lexy's favorite Disney shows "Shake it Up". 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cheer Festival

Brooke's cheer squad participated in a competition for the first time.  They did great and received the highest score possible...a 1!  They ended up having to perform twice because of technical difficulties but they found out later that even without reperforming they had gotten the highest score.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Weekend

Not too much going on over the weekend.  Momma was sick (strep), Daddy was lazy :)

Lexy made a fort to watch her movies in and had slumber parties with Momma & Daddy
Brooke had fun with her friends at a slumber party
Yes, they fit together well....they're all crazy :)

On Sunday, Lexy and I rearranged and reorganized the kitchen and craft area of the playroom. We also designed and printed out menus for her pretend restaurant "Easy Street Buffet"! :)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Crystal Ball

I don't know what to think anymore.  I know that only OUR KIDS will make it into our family...I just wish we had a crystal ball to find out who that is and when they are coming or if there's more coming at all.  I'm so exhausted from all the ups and downs and unknowns.

So here's the update...

1.) Our original three (B-4, G-3, B-almost 2) - Won't know anything until late January court date.  Yeah so now we have to wait until Feb. 17th or later. :(

2.) Other agency (G-5, B-4, G-2) - BIS not set yet.  Have not heard anything on these, we're assuming that the same paperwork difference (in #4) will be a problem with this one too. :(

3.) Our agency (B-2, B-1) - BIS should be set soon.  We were notified today that we were not chosen to be included in the BIS, they chose two families that are closer to the current foster home. :(
4.) Other agency (G-2, B-1) - BIS will probably be the first one but don't have a date yet.  BIS already has taken place, we were not allowed to be included because of a paperwork difference between their agency and ours. :(

5.) Our agency (G-8.5, G-almost 3) - These are another set (like original 3) that have been back and forth on finding a home. These poor girls desperately need permanency but I still don't think it's close since their still waiting on paperwork from another state about a relative for the oldest. :(  We were told that a BIS has been set for Monday Feb. 6th but we won't find out until tomorrow if we will be included or not.

6.) Other Agency (B-4, B-2, G-1) - I'm calling on these three tomorrow but the same paperwork issue could be a problem with them too.  I'm going to talk with the other agency to see if there's anything we can personally do to remedy the paperwork issue since our worker seems to not want to help us with it.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Brooke's Fun

Brooke has been doing a lot of cheering and dancing lately!

Footloose dance

Run the World dance

Lexy's fun

Lexy has had lots of fun using her imagination and creativity lately...

Playing with water beads on the light box. 

Making a town with blocks.

Making "floats" and having a parade to celebrate the 151st birthday of KS!