Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Holidays!!!

By looking at the changes in the blog can you tell that my favorite holiday is coming??!!! I couldn't wait to make the blog look festive (and figure out how to do some of the things I have seen on other blogs!).

Thanksgiving was very uneventful and relaxing for us. We visited Papa and Grammy for the day and after lots of talking, game playing, tv watching and snacking we shared a GREAT thanksgiving meal. We had turkey, dressing, corn, green beans, mashed potatoes, gravy, fruit salad, deviled eggs, etc. For dessert we had pumpkin pie, crustless pumpkin pie (that was yummy papa!) and lemon merinque pie that was made especially for Mike! On our way home we enjoyed the christmas lights that were already glowing in the night...Lexy thought these were really great so we know we'll have to do that again a few more times this season! By the time we made it home we had two sleeping girls that then did not want to go to bed until late.

Robin, Christina and I got up at the butt crack of dawn on "black friday" to roam with the idiots! Robin and I have made a tradition of this and we really enjoy watching everyone waiting in line and going crazy for that got-to-have item while we just have fun and get some shopping done. We were gone from 5am to about the end of the day, between the three of us, we had totally filled up every available space in my van! We went to 3 different Wal-Marts, Toys R Us, Target, K-Mart, and Lowe's and had a much deserved lunch at Red Robins.

This morning we went to visit Santa and Mrs. Claus. Lexy was SO excited to see them! Santa asked Brooke if she had a boyfriend and she told him no.
So then Santa asked Lexy if she had a boyfriend and was very surprised (and even asked Brooke to make sure) when Lexy said yes!!!! They all got a laugh out of that!
Brooke asked for some cowboy boots and Lexy asked for Tumbles the fur real dog.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Our weekend

FINALLY I'm feeling a little better!!! I've still been up most of every night coughing but at least I feel decent during the day. Now let's all say a collective prayer that Mike and Lexy keep the sickies away so that we can all enjoy Thanksgiving!

We didn't have much "family fun" this weekend because mama couldn't get her sick butt up off the couch! BTW, thank you Mike for keeping us all fed, the house cleaned and for not putting my lazy, sick, grumpy butt out on the curb for the trash men this weekend!!

Saturday evening my poor girls got so bored that they went out to the playroom together to play (instead of fight). This video is what I caught when I snuck out to see what they were doing...

Then they wanted me to take a picture of them...

Then after awhile Brooke and Lexy came in and said that they had made up their own dance and wanted me to video cute is this!!!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Da mama's ssiicckk!

Since I began taking my antibiotics on Tuesday I have continuously felt worse. I woke up this morning with a sore throat, stomach ache, congestion, constant horrible aching all over, dry hacky never ending cough and the WORST headache of my life (and everytime I cough it feels like my head just may spontaneously explode).

After a trip to the doctor today and a bunch of hmmms after listening to my back (bronchitis) and looking at my throat (strep) he said he wasn't sure why the other antibiotics weren't working but told me to finish them and start on the new ones today as well. I just got thru taking the first dose of the new antibiotics and gagged for 5 min. after taking it...they are huge and there is no coating and they are NASTY!!!

Oh did I mention that the Dr. told me that this may be a virus and nothing will help???!!!! I WANT TO DIE...or ast least fall asleep and not wake up until I'm better!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

sickies and foster care

Brooke feels much better now, except right after she takes her antibiotics (which give her a stomache) thankfully she only has 4 more days! Yesterday I did call my doctors office and they sent in a prescription for me without having to see me...miracles DO happen! I took the first dose last night but I am feeling worse today so hopefully the second dose will help more! We've been lucky and Lexy is still feeling good.

Today the family support worker from our new foster agency came to talk. We discussed what ages, etc. that we would like to foster/possibly adopt and just got a feel for one another. She seems to be very nice (I know I thought that about our last one that turned out to be "not so nice"). She brought the lists of foster and adoptive kids that are available that she gets every Monday. There was not really any placements that would fit in our home but she said she checks every Monday and will call us with any that she thinks might work. She said she just had a newborn placement a couple of weeks ago that will go to termination in Dec...I told her that the next one like that I would LOVE to be called for!!! In chit chatting she mentioned that she works part-time for an adoptive agency and does all their homestudies/post adoption stuff...hmm maybe this is our avenue to adopt from the agency in New York if that is meant to be. I'm just trying to keep an open mind that things will work out just the way they are meant to in God's time not hard as it is to admit that I am not in control! It looks like we'll start getting calls from our new agency in early Dec. but should still be on the calling list for our old agency until then...if they'd just stop calling with the teens!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Yep, strep!!

Lexy got home from preschool yesterday and asked if she could make Brooke a get better card. She got out her paper, her special sparkly cat & dog stickers and markers and went to work. She sounded out most of the words (wow, at only 4!) and only asked for my help a couple of times and she very thoughtfully picked each of the stickers that she put on with care. About 30 min. later she was done and very proud of herself. She took the card (along with a couple of chocolates) into Brooke and blew her a kiss (she doesn't want to get sick) before leaving.

After a trip to the doctor yesterday afternoon and a swab down the throat, Brooke was given the diagnosis of strep throat...for the millionth time!!! Off we went to Wal-Mart to pick up her antibiotics. I hadn't gotten a chance to do our grocery shopping on Sunday so I figured I might as well do that while we waited for the prescription to be filled. When we finished getting groceries (at least 45 min. later) we went to collect the prescription and we were told "oh that hasn't been started yet, I'll put it to the front of the line it should ONLY be another 10 min. or so". One very sick, grumpy kiddo, one hyper, bored kiddo and 25 min. later we got our prescription and could finally leave!
I'm not feeling SO great today but unless my dr's office will send in a prescription without seeing me I don't know what I'll do. Actually I'm more concerned about Lexy, while she's feeling ok right now we will be in BIG trouble if she starts getting sick after today since the kids' doctors office will be closed from Wed. to Mon. this week. They so kindly told us that if we needed a doctor during that time we would have to go to the children's hospital clinic (45 min. away)!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Our weekend and more

We prepared for family fun on Friday by renting 5 movies and loading up on snacks and keep-the-tummy warm meals. On Saturday we stayed in our jammies all day watching our movies, snacking and staying warm and cozy!

On Sunday I went with mom (mamaw) to do some Christmas shopping without the girls. Oh how I forgot what a shopping day with her was like!! Seven hours later we returned home and I was SO wore out!!!

In other news...

Brooke woke up at about 4am this morning running fever after complaining of a tummy ache yesterday evening. She'll be going to the doctor today to hopefully get meds (probably strep throat as she is SO prone to that). We want her to get well really quick - she has play practice tomorrow night!

Pray that the rest of us don't get the sickies!!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mommy and Me day

Lexy and I took a Mommy and Me day yesterday! Mike was off of work for Veterens Day so he could be here when Brooke got home from school. Lexy decided she wanted to see Madagascar 2 for our day so we did a little shopping, ate lunch out and then saw the movie up at the mall. Lexy and I both really enjoyed the movie and the snacks!!! It's nice to be able to spend a little one on one time! Brooke wasn't left out though...after dinner last night her and I went to Wal-Mart to pick up paint, etc. for redoing her dresser (for her room makeover) and she ended up getting a new pair of comfy pajama pants too.

I don't think I say it often enough but I LOVE being a mom. Sometimes it's not the most glamorous job or the least stressful but I wouldn't change it for the world! When I was younger (talking teens here) I used to tell everyone that all I wanted to be was a mom and have 14 (yes that's 14) kids...if you count all the foster kids we've had in our home and loved then I'm WAY over that total. Sometimes I worry about being responsible for teaching them all the values, morals and life skills that they must know and wonder if I'm doing it right (or screwing them up for life) but I just don't think there is a more rewarding job then being a mom!

Monday, November 10, 2008

The weekend

We had a pretty uneventul weekend. Saturday we went shopping and out to eat. We went to Toys R Us to work on Lexy's Christmas. All went well, she didn't even notice that second cart full of toys, until the very end! We were almost to the checkouts when I hear Lexy say "WOW, a scooby doo van!!!" I turn around and she's looking in the cart. Brooke and I threw our bodies in front of that cart while Lexy continued to try to catch a peek at her loot! Mike ended up taking Lexy out to the van while Brooke and I payed. Lexy now is continuously asking if she can have her scooby doo van...oh well we tried!

On Sunday we had our cleaning day. I cleaned Lexy's does one child clutter up a room SO fast??!! And then Mike motivated me to finally start putting up our pictures on the wall in the living room. I had taken most down when we got the new couch (wow I think that's been at least 18 mos. ago!) and have been putting off rearranging and putting it all back together. So we got most of it put all I need to do is put pictures in all the pretty new frames...or I guess I could just leave the pictures of stangers that came in the frames!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

She's gone

I went up to the SRS office at 2pm. "M's" SRS worker calls me and says that moms car wouldn't start so she would be another 30 min. I took "M" and Lexy to a store for a while and at 2:30pm returned to hear that mom had called and she was lost...somehow she was in Lenexa (she started in Baldwin) so it would be after 3pm before she could get here. I went to pick Brooke up from school at 3pm.

When we returned to the SRS office she was her baggy clothes, dew rag on her head, hat turned sideways, big ole sunglasses on her face...she looked like a teen from the "hood". "M" wouldn't even look at her at first. Mom picked "M" up and kept saying "what ya mad at me, ya mad at your momma??". "M" did finally give her a half hearted kiss but just kept looking at us as if saying "why are you doing this to me?" I'm pretty sure that this little girl will be back in the system...

Update on "M"

I just received a call from the SRS worker that removed "M" from her home last Thursday. Seems that the judge has decided to send "M" back home to her mom today. The SRS worker says that they have set up outside services for mom/"M" to help mom be a better parent and try to keep "M" safe. I worry that since this is the third time for "M" to be removed for not being supervised/walking the streets that the next time we hear about her may be on the news...I'm sad for her. She has really settled in nicely here and was even starting to let us hug her and do small tasks for her.

I will be taking her to the SRS office here in town at 2pm to reunite her with her mom. I hope for "M's" sake that she is VERY happy to see her mommy and that her mommy feels the same way. Wow not the outcome I thought would happen in this case, I'm a little in shock!!

Here's what "M" is doing right now, so peaceful...

Monday, November 3, 2008

Our Weekend

For family fun this weekend (besides halloween) we went up to Grammy and Papa's to spend some time with them. They made us a GREAT steak dinner and had cupcakes with bugs on them for dessert...some of us felt the need to try to eat the bugs!!!

When we got home we played in the leaves...


On Friday afternoon Robin and Sean brought their kiddos over and we got them all ready for the Spook parade and trick or treating, here they are all ready to get some candy!!

Brooke from the 50's...

Lexy as Lovey...

Molly the cheerleader...

Ryan the fireman...

Kenzie the woodland fairy...

"M" went as a pink unicorn but I forgot to get any back shots of her since I can't show her face! Everybody seemed to have a good time. Lexy and "M" got hot in their costumes as it was about 70 when we started and didn't get very cool at all before they were done for the night. We ended up with SO MUCH candy!!!