Monday, November 30, 2009

Comfort Zones

Recently I have found myself surrounded (in real life and blog world) with stories of families going above and beyond what they ever dreamt they would to add to their family. They have stepped out of their comfort zone to do what they felt they were being led to do.

I've been pondering what I'm supposed to be learning from knowing about these situations. I've found myself wondering what made those families know what path they were to take, what made them step out of their comfort zone, were they scared but knew this is what they were meant to do so accepted without question and moved forward???

I think I might have gotten a glimpse of what I'm supposed to be learning when I opened up a photolisting of waiting children on Wednesday evening. I think just maybe I was having my eyes opened to the fact that what we thought was what and how we were supposed to add to our family may not be the plan after all! We have been under the impression that we were working towards doing a special needs adoption (possibly thu the agency in New York) of an infant. While we were having some set backs in moving forward with this, we were excited.

I look at photolistings of waiting children almost daily. Most waiting children are not single children and certainly not infants...both things that we felt we were being led really not sure why I still look at these daily. On Wed. night when I was searching thru the photolistings I came across a sibling group of three little ones. I kept going back to their much so that I finally called Brooke and Mike over to look at them. We talked about them a little and then went to bed.

The next morning Mike woke me up asking if I was going to call about the little girls that I had shown him the picture of. I asked if he was really serious...he doesn't usually say anything about any kiddos I tell him about. He said he thought we should look into it so that evening I filled out a form of interest and e-mailed it. We should hear something soon (or at least the website says they will contact us within 2 business days)!

Ok sooooo....the comfort zone thing.....we have never considered adding three more children at once nor do we have the space in our house! The day after I sent in our form of interest I kinda freaked out in my mind about the what if's, hows, whys etc. I let myself freak for a little bit and then realized that if it's meant to be then we will get the answers we need and we will be provided what we need to prepare for and care for these kiddos. We have the love to share and that's the most important part!

We have been talking all weekend about these girls and we are all excited for the possibility. Lexy even says she will share (her home, toys and parents) with them and show them how to play quietly in the mornings so we can sleep :-) But we've also talked a lot about that these may not be our daughters/sisters but maybe just another eye opening experience on our journey (like when we realized that Johnny/Joshua weren't meant to be with us forever but that we were but a stepping stone to them going to the forever family that was meant for them).

Either way hopefully we'll have more information soon!

Thanksgiving, Tree, Lights...OH MY!

So...for Thanksgiving, Papa & Grammy came to our house this year because Mike was on call. While it was a little harder for Papa to maneuver around our little kitchen to get the turkey and all the trimmings done, we did get it done! We enjoyed a day of watching movies, talking and eating great food!!!

On Friday, we spent the day puttering around the house. We put up the Christmas tree and then headed outside to put the lights on the house while the weather was nice. It was even nice enough that Lexy, Brooke and Kenzie got to ride bikes and play outside while we (ok I really mean Mike) did the lights!

Saturday and Sunday were spent relaxing and enjoying our family (except when I had to work on Sat.). We had an impromptu game night on Sunday night before bed playing Monopoly Jr., so fun!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Our Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend, it started with...

Last year for Christmas, Brooke & Lexy gave Mammaw & Grandpa Tom and Papa & Grammy one of these "Spoil Your Granddaughters Jars" that they made by themselves (see directions here)...

On Friday, Mammaw & Grandpa Tom brought their jar back to Brooke & Lexy filled to the top. They all (I had to work) went to the bank to cash in all the change and to the surprise of everyone, Brooke and Lexy ended up with $77 EACH!!! It was unbelievable that there was THAT much change in that jar! Mammaw & Grandpa Tom have said that if the girls put a new piece of fabric on the top of the jar and give it back to them for Christmas this year that they will fill it can bet the girls are going to do that...Mike and I just may make one for us too :-)

On Saturday, I had to work most of the day but Mike and the girls met me in Olathe after work and took me to the buffet for dinner!

On Sunday, Brooke, her full wallet and I went for a Mommy & Me Retail Therapy Day together! We went to several stores, bought lots of neat stuff, ate a great lunch and had a wonderful silly time together...

Brooke bought a ton of clothes and even a pink Christmas tree and ornaments for her room with her money and still has quite a bit left...I've taught her well when it comes to bargain shopping :-)
Lexy spent a few dollars on a new snowglobe and a plastic candy cane but hasn't decided yet what she wants to spend all that money on!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

AHHHHHH....retail therapy!

I decided that today was a good day to get my butt out of the house and do a little therapy...of the retail sort! I would have liked company but neither of my calls yielded a shopping/therapy partner so I sucked it up and did individual therapy :-)

My intention when starting out my therapy session was to cross off several of the gifts still on my "to buy" list since I won't be able to go shopping on Black Friday this year. Somewhere along the way, that intention went awry and I ended up with clothes. Some for me, some for Brooke (poor girl has outgrown almost all hers with the appearance of her girly curves) and a bag of skittles for Lexy. I did cross off a couple of the gifts on my list but not near as many as I wanted to. Oh well, now I have an excuse for another retail therapy day!!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm still here...

Not much to write about in the past few days. While we had a good weekend, we really did nothing special or picture worthy :-)

Yesterday I spent the day with my good friend Tiffany and her nine kiddos (one was at school so really only 8). Tiffany is very sick with an illness that was brought from Ethiopia with one of her newly adopted (and gorgeous) little ones. I have never seen her so sick hopefully it won't be much longer, hang in there Tiffany! I was very happy to help out yesterday although Tiffany's daughter Morgan is amazing and has stepped in and taken on the responsibility without complaint for the past couple of weeks. You know I'm here for you if needed!

Speaking of friends, my bloggy friend Yaya has been so much on my mind in the past week. Yaya (Alicia) and I have e-mailed and read each others blogs for quite a while now and I consider her a good friend from afar (she's in NY). Yaya has been trying to become a mommy for seven years and in the past year has included foster/private adoption in her quest. While in the midst of a family tragedy last week, Yaya and her hubby Josh got THE CALL from their adoption worker...they had been matched with a birthmom and their baby boy was due this week. I was SO thrilled for my friend! Unfortunately the birthmom chose to parent the baby after giving birth over the weekend and Yaya was told the news yesterday. Yaya shared her disappointment on her blog and evidently got slammed for sharing her feelings. Who has the right to judge...much less actually put that judgement in a comment to a wonderful person that is grieving! It makes me kind of glad that I wasn't blogging when we lost some of our most precious foster babies (Alex, Isaiah & Puddin') b/c in the midst of my grief I don't think I would have handled negative comments very well! My heart is breaking for Yaya and her hubby. All they want is to have a family...they will be such great parents! Please know Yaya and Josh that despite those negative comments, there are many of us out here that are your biggest supporters and pray everyday that you will be blessed with the child that you want and deserve!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sometimes you just have to laugh...

Yesterday Mike was off of work for Veteran's Day...we thought we would accomplish so much...ha!

It all started on Tuesday night when Lexy broke the sound mechanism in one of her beloved musical snow globes that she has gotten from Grammy & Papa. She brought it out to Mike in tears in hopes that he could fix it for her. After many trips back out to check on the progress, she finally went to sleep.

After getting the girls off to school, Mike treated me to breakfast out. After breakfast we stopped by Wal-Mart to do a little Christmas shopping. We walked out of there with ONE present...not much accomplished there! Although I do have quite a collection already waiting to be wrapped.

We headed back home where Mike spent another good while trying to fix Lexy's snow globe...nope didn't accomplish that!

So we moved on to trying to hook up the VCR/DVD player that I bought for Mike two years ago (yes we are a little slow at getting around to things)...probably should have gotten to this one sooner! We found out about two hours later after much trial and error and a couple of phone calls that the tuner is now an "extra feature" on a VCR/DVD player and if you have regular cable (not digital or satellite) that the cheaper players without this extra feature are totally unusable and worthless to you!!! Now you see if we had done this...oh I don't know TWO YEARS AGO we could have returned said player and found the extra cash to upgrade to one with that extra feature. As it is we not only did not accomplish getting our new VCR/DVD player set up but we are also out that $ and have a worthless piece of junk staring at us (I think it's laughing at us!).

As it got closer to time to pick Lexy up from school we decided that we wanted to go in search of a new Christmas snow globe for Lexy to replace hers that now didn't work. We finally DID accomplish this after traipsing around town to FOUR different stores, she loved it! BUT...

After dinner Lexy was happily playing with her new musical snow globe in the kitchen when we heard a loud crash and saw a million little pieces of glass fly everywhere!!! Lexy was fine (except for the big crocodile tears running down her face and her repeating "but that was my favorite snow globe" over and over). Mike and I probably looked like crazy people making sure we got all the tiny pieces of glass picked hand, towel, broom and vacuum.


As we drove back to the store to pick out another new snow globe, Mike and I just laughed and laughed every time we looked at each other...what else could we do after the day we had!

We may not have accomplished much for the day but we sure are thankful...

We have wonder grandparents for our daughters (even if they do buy gifts that cause such drama) :-)

We have jobs that we can have a day off from but know they are still there!

We have each other to spend time having breakfast with.

We have a car that runs that can take us to where we want/need to go (knock on wood).

We have two beautiful daughters that we have the privilege of raising, loving and buying presents for.

We have a useless piece of junk formerly called a VCR/DVD player but hey it's OUR useless piece of junk!

We have money to spoil our daughters every once in a while. Even buying two snow globes in one day!

We have a home with a kitchen...even if the floors may forever have tiny shards of glass lingering in the corners!

We have love, happiness and the ability to just laugh!

So how was your day????

Monday, November 9, 2009

Our Weekend and...the flu

We had a very good weekend! We stayed in on Friday and had the most delicious dinner...teriyaki chicken with cheesy hashbrown casserole (click on them for the recipes!)

On Saturday morning we went up to the newly reopened pharmacy in town for a pancake breakfast (that was FREE!). One of our good friends works for the company that was doing the breakfast so he gave Brooke an especially hard time while we waited in line for our pancakes to be tossed to us :-) but then he also let her "try" to flip pancakes which was a total flop (good thing she's pretty and has other talents!!!). After we got done there we headed to the mall for some family fun time. We watched the movie "Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs" which was very cute and had popcorn and pop for lunch...don't judge! We then walked around the mall and shopped at a couple of other stores and went to eat dinner (Mike and the girls) before meeting up with Robin. Mike and the girls headed home while Robin and I went to our favorite mexican restaurant for dinner and then did a little shopping while catching up on all that we haven't had a chance to talk about the past couple of weeks! I LOVE a good Girls Night Out with my BFF!!!

On Sunday, we did some house cleaning and some being lazy. Before I went to work that evening I took Lexy (Mike stayed home with Brooke b/c she wasn't feeling well) to the park and we played for about an hour. We had a great time investigating crab apples :-)

I can't believe that I didn't take even one picture this weekend...I'm being so lazy!!

And THE FLU...

I woke Brooke up for school this morning to find her burning up with a fever of 102. A trip to the doctor and then to the hospital for a test and now we have a diagnosis of the flu...YUCK! She'll be starting on tamiflu right away in hopes that she doesn't get it quite as bad as she had it last winter!! Brooke is SO disappointed since she will be missing the dance unit in PE at school, she was so looking forward to it! Plus she hates missing school, she doesn't like getting behind in her school work and OMG she can't see her friends!

Friday, November 6, 2009


This is what Brooke and Lexy left for me to find when I got home from work last night...

I LOVE those girls! I am such a blessed mom to have two wonderful daughters!!

Focus Friday

Last weeks goals...

1.) Do something for myself. My BFF Robin and I have plans to have a girls night out tomorrow night, yay!!!
2.) Continue to look for a new job. I have made the choice to be thankful for what I have. So for now I am going to be thankful that I have a job and stop complaining about it!
3.) Make a list of what I've bought/still need to buy for Christmas. I have started this. Lexy keeps adding to her list every time she sees a commercial :-)

This weeks goals...

1.) Finish up my Christmas List and order what needs ordering.
2.) Work on one particular Christmas present.
3.) Work on making new curtain toppers and vanity cover for our bedroom.
4.) ???

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Busy Busy

I've been keeping myself busy this week with doing some more freezer cooking/baking and working on the Christmas list and budget or lack thereof :(

Here's what I've been cooking/baking...

You can find the recipes at my recipe blog here.

My Christmas shopping for the girls is coming along fairly well but sadly there won't be much money left after that because we don't believe in adding debt for gifts, we only buy what we can pay for in cash. But I'm ok with that, Christmas is for the kids and I do still plan on making my fudge for everyone! As I've been doing my shopping for the girls a little at a time, I've been reminding myself just how lucky we are that we are able to afford these things. We all need to remember that right now there are MANY families that can't afford the basics much less extras like nice Christmas presents!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Our Weekend

Overall a good weekend...I am feeling much better and so far (knock on wood) nobody else has gotten sick!!!

On Friday I was the room mother for Lexy's class party. It was so fun to see them so excited! We had a relay race where the kids had to float like a ghost, stomp like a monster, crawl like a spider, etc. and then I told the kids that I had found a witch's spell book in the basement and we did a spell to turn yucky things into yummy things. I handed each kid a small "yucky thing" like a spider, eyeball, vampire teeth, etc. and as I read the ingredients for the spell they put their item into the witch's cauldron. After everything was added we said our spell...Hocus Pocus Ala-Kazam, turn all that is yucky, into something that is yummy...I know so creative, don't be jealous :-)...and with a swish of my hands inside the cauldron the yucky things were turned into something yummy (suckers)...the kids were so amazed! After the party we headed up to main street for our annual Halloween Spook Parade and trick or treating at the stores, it was cold but fun!

On Saturday I worked from 8-3. After I got home the girls got ready for the evening. Brooke decided this year not to go trick or treating so she and Kenzie stayed home to hand out candy while we took Lexy out. We went to Mammaw & Grandpa Tom's house, the local nursing home and then several houses in town. Lexy loved it this year and kept pointing ahead and saying "that light's on, let's go there"! At 7pm we headed back home since Brooke & Kenzie's boyfriends were coming over. Mike took Lexy back out around our neighborhood and Brooke, Kenzie and their boyfriends hung out in the playroom for the evening.

On Sunday I had to work from 8 to 2:30pm. I got to work at 8am only to realize that we had neglected to remember Daylight Savings Time and the time was really 7am so I got to spend an hour sitting in the car reading a magazine before going into work...I felt SO stupid (but I am only human) :-)