Friday, January 30, 2009

It made me cry...

A very sad update: Sweet little Tuesday passed away in the loving arms of her family on January 30, 2009.

This little girl, Tuesday, has touched my heart more than words can say. I first "met" Tuesday and her family a couple of months ago when I found their blog thru another blog I read. Today Tuesday and her family need as many good thoughts and prayers as possible.

You see, sweet little 2 yr. old Tuesday has now been sent home from the hospital to spend her last few days with her loving family. This after going through treatment for neuroblastoma only for the doctors to find another tumor in her tummy just days later.

Please go here to read about Tuesday and offer her family good thoughts and prayers during what I can only imagine is the most horrible situation a parent can live through.

Tuesday's story has hit me even harder than normal as we were told on New Year's Eve that the doctors found that our 19 year old nephew, Shawn, is battling cancer. This nephew is on Mike's side of the family (I met him when he was about 3 yrs old) so I have been trying to step back and support Mike in reconnecting with his family during this time. Mike doesn't know/hasn't shared with me a lot of the details and maybe that is his way of protecting me or maybe he doesn't want to say the words. Please say a prayer for Shawn and his family as well.

Sorry about the sad post!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Way Back When-esday

I thought I would join in for Way Back When-esday today. We simply choose a picture from the past and share about it. Cheryl hosts this at Twinfatuation.

My picture for today is...

Date - December 1997
Mike (34) and Brooke (19 months)
Brooke has ALWAYS been a Daddy's girl! They look the same, they act the same and they both have my heart! I can remember this time in Brooke's life so well, she was SO funny, always saying or doing something to make us laugh!
Now go on over to Twinfatuation to play along and to see who else is playing along!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Family Fun Time and More

For family fun time this past Saturday we had a Girls shopping day. Daddy was on call (and worked all day Sat.). Brooke, Lexy, Kenzie and I went to a mall that we normally don't go to and spent the day walking and shopping and shopping and walking...we were exhausted by the end of the day! Then we had dinner at one of our favorites...chinese, YUM!

Also, I wanted to let you in on a great giveaway going on at a blog I visit, here. She is giving away a GREAT purse, check it out! Brooke would absolutely LOVE this purse so I'm kinda hoping to win!

Now to Not Me Monday...

I did NOT make dessert twice last week just because I wanted it even though it's not on the diet!
I did NOT skip my workout yesterday because I was too sore from walking around the mall and shopping on Saturday!

I did NOT leave both my kids with my great friend Robin on Friday while another friend and I went shopping for Robin's b-day party supplies. Nope I wouldn't do that, and I didn't let her feed them dinner either!

I did NOT leave my poor wonderful hubby to work all day out in the freezing cold while I went shopping with the girls to spend the overtime he was making!

I did NOT keep my mouth shut when Brooke came to me yesterday to say she wanted to do six chores (instead of her normal two) and I did NOT love every minute of watching her and Kenzie do almost all MY chores!!!

I did NOT tell my dear little four-year-old "oh yes you will!" this morning when she said "I won't go to school today because I have to do all that boring stuff".

I did NOT do ANY of these things, nope not me because I am the best wife, mother and friend, right???!!! Now you can go over to MckMama's to see who else is playing along in Not Me Monday.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

A fun time at the park

On Thursday afternoon Lexy and I took advantage of the 60's outside to go to the park and have some mommy and me time. The park is one of Lexy's favorite places to go, she could run and play for hours, I think maybe she is part monkey! Speaking of monkeys, Sock monkey was Lexy's playmate for the day and got to try almost everything that Lexy did.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I visited one of my favorite blogs this morning and could not stop laughing!!! I think this woman is my alter ego, she tells it how it is and I love it! Take a minute out of your day for a great laugh...

You won't be sorry that you did!

The little stinker

Last night when I went in to check on Lexy...

I looked in her bed....where is she?

Is that her on the floor? Nope, that's not her.

Is she in the tent? Nope, not in there either.

Where could she be????

Yep, that's her sleeping in OUR bed! She told me this morning that she snuck into our bed because she thought it would be more comfy! The little stinker thinks she has the run of the house...hmm, I guess she does!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wordful Wednesday

As I've been visiting others' blogs I have noticed that there are many Wednesday activities I can join in on such as Wordless Wednesday, Way Back Whens-day and today I'm joining Angie at as she does "Wordful Wednesday", where we choose a photo(s) and yap about it so here goes...

This picture was taken at the game last night. Thankfully Robin and I pack sandwiches and snacks on game nights because the girls think they are absolutely starving by half-time. And their friends have noticed that we bring snacks so now they look for them too! I do love going to watch the girls cheer (and I've even gotten to where I like watching the games a little), next week they will be performing their dance that they've been working on.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My other blogs and a decorating dilema

If you haven't taken a look at my "Dinner's Done" blog, I invite you to do so. Each week I'm posting my weekly menu and then I post any new recipes with our reviews that we try. This blog is my attempt at remembering to add variety and try new things while making myself more organized and just maybe helping you find something new for dinner tonight! Last night I made Crock Pot Taco Soup and I have to tell you that this is the BEST soup that I have ever tasted...I had it again for lunch today and it's even better today!

To go to the Dinner's Done blog simply click above or go to the sidebar on the right and click on the image. There's also my other blog "Projects & Pretties" this is where I'll eventually get around to posting about all the crafts and projects that I've done/am doing/going to do...I promise to work on this one more!

In other news...a decorating dilema...

At a "junk store" yesterday we found this...

Now, I was THRILLED to find this piece of heaven as it was on my wish list for Christmas. You see I needed (or thought I needed) a bench for people to sit on to take their shoes off/on. But I didn't want just any bench, I wanted one that had storage inside for toys since even though I vowed when we moved into this house that our living room would not turn into yet another room filled to the brim with toys, it seems everytime we get a new foster placement (that isn't old enough/trustworthy enough to go into the playroom alone) that we end up with toys galore in the living room. So we need a place to hide the toys basically!

So you would think that I would be thrilled to death at this find...and for only $25 at that! But alas my best laid plans never work out the way intended. There are two problems with the wonderful bench...

1. It is too long for the space allotted for said bench thus we are not able to open the front door all the way and
2. The placement of said bench into our already small crowded living room has pushed the room over my "too much furniture in one room" limit.

Mike, the wonderful hubby that he is, didn't call for the white coats as I went back and forth saying "I don't like how crowded the room is", "I love the bench I want it in here", "we can't even open the door, it's (the bench) gotta go", "but we really need the bench, why don't we get rid of something else in here". We went back and forth on what we could remove from the room to make room for said bench...and then where would we put what we removed. Then my wonderful hubby came up with what he thought was the perfect solution...

We could get rid of the entertainment center, TV and all, and get a flat screen TV to hang on the wall thus making room for my beloved bench...not a bad idea if we had ANY money for such a wonderful gift for him :-)

So my bench sits in my crowded living room, blocking my door from opening fully as a reminder that we need to find some money on the street/win the lottery to get a TV to mount on the wall for my beloved husband...or a bigger house for all our crap!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Family Fun

Today we had our Family Fun day. We went shopping a bit, walked around the mall and then saw this movie...Brooke, Lexy and I all thought this was a good cute movie, it didn't hurt that both the stars in the movie were ones that both Brooke and Lexy knew and it had Lexy's favorite...DOGS! Mike wasn't quite as impressed. He said it was unrealistic but isn't that what a movie is all about to transport you to another place that is rainbows and rose petals?

Lexy said after the movie that now that she has watched it and knows how to take very good care of pets that she is ready to get her very own dog...mind you we already have a family dog (but Brooke got to pick that one out before Lexy was around!). Lexy's 1st pick of a dog of her own was a Dalmation but after I told her that it would get bigger than her she decided on a weiner dog named Weanie!

Friday, January 16, 2009

"New Girls"

No, we did not get new foster placements...looking into why that is not happening!

WE are the new girls, Brooke, Lexy and I all got our hair cut last night...thank you Shyla! We were all well overdue for a new look. Lexy has only had one haircut in her life and that was about 5 mos. ago. Lexy wanted hers cut short and after much consideration Mike and I decided why not, she doesn't like to have her hair done up pretty and it is her hair after all. My heart fell to my feet when the first cut was made but it turned out SO cute and Lexy loves it! Brooke got a great new look...she found a picture on the internet that she asked Shyla to kind of go off of...except for the four or five different colors of hair that the picture had...I told her it would be many years before I would go for that! I got mine cut and thinned.

Before & After:

Before & After:

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A funny from Lexy

Today Lexy came to me and said "I'm going to set out a table and put my piggy bank on it so that people can give me money". I proceed to tell her that while she was welcome to set her piggy bank on the kitchen table, that people wouldn't come by to put money in her bank. She, very intent on doing this said "you remember at Christmas time when we would put money in those buckets and people were ringing bells...I'll get my harmonica?". I tried to explain to her that those people (ringing the bells) gave that money to people that didn't have enough money to pay their bills or buy food for their kids. She looked up at me with the most serious face and said "well, I don't have enough money to buy a big stuffed dog so they can give me money for that!"

When I explained that people are not going to just give her money she said "well then I will sell some of my old toys". She's a very persisitant little girl and it took a lot of explaining by me to convince her that today would not be a good day for a garage sale (considering it is all of 20 degrees outside!).
Oh the things her little mind will come up with, I LOVE this age, I LOVE this girl!

Monday, January 12, 2009

Not Me Monday!

I haven't done one of these before but I'm sure I'll be able to come up with something that I did not do because I am such a wonderful mother and wife.

*I did not teach my eldest daughter how to mop the kitchen this weekend b/c I didn't want to do it anymore!

*I did not call same daughter a little sh*t when she grumbled about being bored while we were cleaning the playroom together!

*I did not let my younger daughter eat a fudgecycle for breakfast b/c it was easier than arguing about why not!

*I did not sit at my computer for 3 hours last night catching up my blogs and ignoring everyone!

*I did not share that package of peanut butter cups with Brooke yesterday b/c that would not be on the diet plan!

Ok, that's enough honesty for one day! If you want to join in or read more go on over to MckMama .

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Family Fun and cleaning day project

For family fun this week we took the girls (plus a friend of Brooke's) to Chuck E. Cheese for a fun filled afternoon. They had a great time playing games and being silly. Daddy even splurged and got them all an ice cream!

After coming home Brooke, Brooke's friend and I played board games (Truth or Dare, Pictureka and What am I) until 11:30pm. The girls had played Truth or Dare the night before and we saw some silly hairdos, etc. but our game included me standing on my head (sort of) singing Old McDonald, each of us having to "meow" randomly for 5min., and pretending to order pizza in pig latin...we laughed SO hard!

For my cleaning day project Brooke and I tackled the playroom that had been severely abused and neglected since Christmas. Basically we just wanted to get it organized enough that someone could go out there without getting lost. Our plans are to totally redo the playroom in the summer but for now it's straightened up and you actually might be able to find what you're looking for!!

I forgot before pictures but here's the after...

Friday's sleep over

Friday after school Brooke had some friends over to see her new bedroom. After seeing her room they all went out to cheer and stunt...

After dinner the girls got ready for the school dance...

They gossiped, snacked, played games and watched tv after they got back home. I love having a house full of kiddos!

Thursday's game

The 7th grade cheerleaders...

Another great cheer event...although an hour and a half away. This weeks games are closer to home thank goodness!!

Lexy peeking ...

hehe I LOVE this video of Lexy!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Henry wants to come home!

My very good friend Tiffany and her beautiful family have taken the huge leap of faith of committing to adopt a little boy that they will call Henry. Henry is now living in Ethiopia, he is about one year old and has been blessed with Down Syndrome. Henry will be joining a large, loving, giving family made up of Mom & Dad and seven siblings, two of which are also blessed with Down Syndrome.

Tiffany and her family are very close to my heart. I can't wait to see little Henry sitting in their living room just smiling from ear to ear knowing that he is loved and with his family forever. Selfishly I can't wait to hold and play with him!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Cheer night

Brooke cheered at her first boys basketball game last night. They did great! From my standpoint it was much better to sit in a gym to watch than outside at the football games!!! Lexy was bored and didn't care for all the buzzing of the buzzer but every time Brooke cheered Lexy would yell "go Brooke or go Trojans"...I'm so happy with her progress in learning how supporting her sissy is fun!

Brooke is the one doing cartwheels in the back on this video!

Monday, January 5, 2009


In addition to the resolution that I posted here, I have a couple more to share...

The first is to finish the decorating & decluttering projects that have been started in the house. It seems that this is a never ending project! Just when I think one is done I find something else to add/change. Yesterday for my cleaning project I worked on Lexy's room...this is one that I feel is almost a mute point because next week it will need to be done again but I had to make room for the huge tent that she got for Christmas! Some of the other projects I want to tackle are: living room, master bedroom, my craft area, playroom, basement...ugh I'm wore out just thinking about it!!!

The second is to work on getting healthier. A year or two ago I came across a website, that I find very helpful and I will be returning there to help make some changes. This will be a slow and on going process but a much needed one! I'll share websites, information and recipes that I find helpful as I do this. I will probably start another blog to put this information on.

Oh by the way, did you see the crafts blog I've started (over to the right) Projects & Pretties...I will be adding more to this very soon! Craft projects are something that I find fun and relaxing.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Family Fun

We took the girls to Monkey Business for our family fun day today. They have bounce houses, big slides, climbing structures, etc. The girls had been asking all week so today was the day! They had a great time and had worked up a sweat by the end!

A movie, a snack and a craft

On Friday Robin, Shyla and I got the kids together for a Christmas/New Years movie & snacks party. We each brought some snacks and the kids watched (sort of) Kung Fu Panda.
Here's all the kids before we started

This is our snack table

Ahhh, no talking just eating!

Then we mixed up some applesauce/cinnamon for ornaments.

Here's what they looked like when done (just has to dry for a couple of days)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Big Reveal...Brooke's Room

Brooke would like to introduce her new room...

We'll put up pictures of individual items and areas later but she wanted to show it off, she is so proud! I think it turned out SO cute...and to think a 12-year-old designed it!!!

Happy New Year

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I hope everyone had a safe and happy new years eve. We stayed home and Papa & Grammy came to celebrate with us. Brooke & Kenzie even decided to turn down an invitation from a cheerleading friend to stay home and continue tradition of celebrating with us (don't know how many more years that will happen!!). We had lots and lots of goodies, snacks and soda and played games, cards and watched TV. Even Lexy made it until midnight this year for the first time! She thought the glasses we use for the sparkling grape juice were the coolest glasses she'd ever seen!

Here's us at midnight...

I have lots of resolutions but the most important is to fully appreciate the people in my life. I think sadly that we tend to take those closest to us for granted. I want to make sure that the people that help make me happy feel that love and happiness in return, that they feel that I appreciate them and that they can count on me for anything.