Friday, July 29, 2011

Foster Memories Friday - Ronnie & DeeDee

We stopped fostering almost two years ago after over eight years.  Some days I miss the chaos...most days I don't!  But everyday I miss and think about the kiddos that were a part of our life, family and hearts.  I want to remember forever each little one that touched our lives so for the next little while on Fridays I will take a moment to write about and remember them.

We got out first call just a couple weeks after we got our foster license.  A call for boy/girl 18 mo. old biracial twins. We said yes to the placement and got to work getting everything ready.  We were excited but so so nervous.  A couple of hours later, the emergency foster parents pulled up in our driveway.  We walked out to the car and saw the biggest brown eyes just staring up at us.  After taking them inside, the other foster parents stayed and talked for a few minutes and then left...I remember thinking "oh my goodness I'm really totally responsible for these two precious little ones that I know nothing about"!

The twins (Ronnie and DeeDee) came with only the onsies on their backs so the next morning I took them (and a then 5 yo Brooke) to Wal-Mart to buy complete wardrobes.  At the time I was working at a friend's daycare center so the twins spent their days at the daycare with me when they weren't being toted off by a complete stranger (driver) to visits with a birth mom that had neglected (cheerios were thrown on the floor for them to eat), abused (cigarette burns) and asked for them to be removed.  During their time with us we learned so much about the system, ourselves and loving a child not born to us (that was the easy part).

Ronnie and DeeDee were only in our home for three months when the judge decided that b/c birthmom had shown up at court that the children would be returned to her.  They left just as quickly as they came but definately left a small little hole in this momma's heart forever.  Several months after them leaving we were told that they were back in the system and would be available for adoption but by that time our house was full of other children.  I pray that they found a wonderful family that loves them deeply.  They would now be 11 1/2 years old.

They would stand at the gate while I cooked and both say "eat, eat, eat" over and over until the meal was ready!

We all dressed alike for the 4th!

Brooke's first taste of being a big sister...most days she liked it! :)

Daddy the horsie!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Camp bound

We got up extra early this morning to get donuts and juice before dropping these two off for the drive to Cheer Camp.  Brooke was super excited to go!  They've been looking forward to it since they didn't get to go last year when the school decided to only go every other year.  They're going to have a week of lots of fun (lots of work too since they're scheduled from 7:30a-10pm each day!).
Brooke and Taryn

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Fun Week 8

It has been hotter than hot the past couple of weeks with no end in sight but we did still manage to have some summer fun :)

We went over to Robin's house to swim in their pool (so the moms could stay in the air conditioned house and watch from the window!).  At the end of the day Brooke was the proud owner of the most burnt face in town (maybe she'll remember her face next time she puts on sunblock!).

We went school shopping one day.  We got almost all of Lexy's supplies, some of Brooke's and we found both of their bags (rolling for Lexy, over the shoulder for Brooke) and their first day of school outfits.  I can't believe that we only have a few weeks of summer left. :(

Daddy took the day off and joined us at Zonkers.  We took cousins, Toby & Ashley with us for the fun and met Robin and her kids up there...

On Friday we met Grammy & Papa to drop Lexy off.  She ended up staying two nights (first sleepover for her) and got VERY spoiled!!  She already wants to go back :)  While Lexy was gone, Brooke got some mommy & daddy time all to herself...and wasn't real thrilled with it haha.  We did do some shopping and rented movies but she said it was boring with no one to fight with!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Adoption Update

We were surprised to get a couple more updates earlier this week...

Sib group of 4 (g-5, g-4, g-2, b-1)- BIS still scheduled for Aug. 10th.  We're not sure how many families are being considered.

Sib group of 2 (b-4, g-3) - We're still waiting for more information on this situation.

Almost 2 year old boy w/ our agency - BIS scheduled for Aug. 15th.  We are in this staffing with 3 other families.

Sibling set (b-3, g-2) that we had submitted our homestudy for last year in another state.  Our worker got an e-mail that said "we received the homestudy and will let you know shortly if they are determined to be the best fit for these children".  She and we don't know exactly what that statement means...are they just narrowing down families or are they ready to choose one?  So we just wait to see!

Sibling set (b-4, b-2) w/our agency - BIS scheduled for Aug. 8th.  We are in this staffing with 3 other families as well.

A calm has come over me.  I am ready and willing to parent any of these kiddos, whatever is meant to be.  Our adoption worker told me the other day "you very well may be chosen for the 4 pack of kiddos and then I WILL say you asked for this!"  I laughed and said "well I've been told that if anyone is crazy enough to take that on it's me :)".   I think sometimes we get so caught up in worrying about the small stuff that we forget to look at the big picture ...and our big picture is that we will be providing love, a home and family to the children that have been chosen for us from the beginning and we will all be blessed by that in many ways.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Summer Fun Week 7

We went to Chuck E. Cheese.  Lexy was excited to go and Brooke wanted the pizza...which they changed and is now yucky!  Lexy and I had a blast playing all the games while Brooke read and then at the end Brooke joined in on the game fun too!

We also went to see the movie "Zookeeper".  It had all of us laughing throughout!

We had planned on swimming at a new pool but our friends backed out and it was just too hot even for the pool!  So instead we decided to run errands and then stop for shaved ice, YUM!

Saturday night we met Robin and the kids at the drive in.  I love that we have such old fashion family fun nearby!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Adoption Update

Things are getting confusing with all the situations but here goes...

Sib group of 4 (g-5, g-4, g-2, b-1)- BIS scheduled for Aug. 10th.  We asked for and received some more information on the 4 yr. old's autism.  Not proud to say that I had a little freak out party (poor Mike) about this whole situation yesterday and almost pulled our homestudy from the BIS but I'm feeling better about it today and I know that God will provide us with everything we would need to parent these kiddos if we are meant to.

Sib group of 2 (g-3, b-1) (future sibling) (TPR appeal)- our worker e-mailed the kids' worker about our willingness to do a legal risk placement if it's a possibility but she's heard nothing back. Update: kids worker e-mailed, they will be looking into foster/adopt homes only :(

Sib group of 2 (b-4, g-3) - We're not sure about this situation.  They have suffered an abuse that we don't wish to knowingly bring into our home so we are asking lots of questions and waiting for answers.

Almost 2 year old boy w/ our agency - BIS is being postponed until an appt. for a neurological exam can be made.  Update: tentative BIS date set for 8/15

Sibling set (b-3, g-2) that we had submitted our homestudy for last year in another state. Homestudy submitted.


Sibling set (b-4, b-2) w/our agency - Rec'd profile.  Waiting for a picture and answers to a couple of questions.  Update: 5 families submitted, team will probably narrow down next week.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

THE questions have begun

Lexy and I were sitting here eating lunch watching TV when she turned around and began this conversation...

Lexy - "I'm adopted right?"
Me - "Yes you are."
Lexy - "Then do I have a real mom?"
Me - "Yes you have a birth mom."
Lexy - "Do you know her?"
Me - "Yes I know who she is."
Lexy - "So then I have two moms."
Me - "Yes you have your birth mom who grew you in her tummy and me (mommy) who has loved and cared for you."

At this point Lexy shook her head yes and then turned back to her food/tv.  In some ways I wanted to continue the conversation but I'm going to follow her lead, she'll ask more when she's ready.

I sure hope I'm doing this right!  It's so hard to know.  We've always talked about adoption openly and we decided a long time ago that any questions asked will always be answered honestly.  All I want is for Lexy to feel loved, heard, understood and treasured.

Just the other day Lexy, Brooke and I were talking about how Lexy likes to be creative (like sewing plastic canvas) like I do and Brooke really doesn't like those things.  Lexy said "isn't it funny that even though I'm adopted and you had Brooke that I'm more like you than she is?"  :)  I hope she always feels that closeness!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer Fun Week 6

Besides 4th of July fun and the family reunion, our summer fun for week 6 included...

another trip to Jumping Jax for Lexy & Avree (it's Lexy's favorite)...

and swimming at the pool with Robin, Ryan & Molly (opps no pics) for Lexy and I.

Brooke spent the week up at Papa & Grammy's house getting spoiled!  Somehow Brooke, Lexy and I each had a little shopping spree this week...

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July Family Reunion

Mike's family hasn't had a family reunion in 7 years.  The pictures of us from the last one include an 8 yr. old Brooke and Isaiah (our 1 yr. old foster son).  Lexy came to us soon after that reunion.  We had a good time catching up with everyone!


4th Photos

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Lexy has holes... her ears that is!!  She has been asking to get her ears pierced for a while now but today she was sure she was ready so we headed to Wal-Mart...

She said that it hurt more than she thought it would but she loves them!

Papa & Grammy

Lexy chose Paradise Park out of the summer jar this week and it worked out perfect because we got to visit Papa and Grammy too!!

We all headed to Paradise Park to play...

Afterwards we went for some ice cream and then back to Papa and Grammy's to visit and have dinner.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Adoption Update

We've gotten a small update on two of our situations...

Sib group of 4 - their worker contacted ours and is very interested in having us in a staffing (to choose a family) at the end of July/beginning of August.

Sib group of 2 (g-3, b-1)- their worker contacted ours asking if we were still licensed foster parents or willing to relicense.  Seems that these two may need a foster to adopt family as not only is the TPR being appealed but there is going to be another sibling.  We don't want to relicense (done w/ fostering!) but we did tell our worker we'd be willing to do a legal risk placement if that was a possiblity - haven't heard back.

Sib group of 2 (b-4, g-3) - still waiting for more information.

And two more situations to consider...

We received a profile for an almost 2 year old boy w/ our agency.  We submitted our homestudy but there is a ton of interest.

The other night while browsing the waiting child websites, I came across a sibling set (b-3, g-2) that we had submitted our homestudy for last year in another state.  A relative popped up at that time but now they are looking for a family again.  Sent an e-mail asking our worker to inquire and submit our homestudy again.

Summer Fun Week 5

We had a lot of fun times this week...

Lexy and I did some kitchen science...
We had some problems with some of the experiments not working but I explained to Lexy that that's what happens to scientists...they do 100 experiments and only a couple work...she loved that she was being like a scientist. :)  Her favorite was making the raisins dance!
Swimming at the pool in the next town (oops no pics).

Homemade Peanut Butter Playdough, Shaved Ice & Sprinkler time...
lots and lots of shaved ice :)
 Movie - Selena Gomez in "Monte Carlo" and lunch with friends...

Avree and Lexy

Brooke and Suzy
then back to the house for sprinkler and chalk fun...

and last but not least Paradise Park and a visit with Grammy & Papa!  Pictures to Come!!