Thursday, October 11, 2012


A large family and any type of sickness is NOT my favorite thing to deal with!

For the past week a cold/sinus/flu bug has been running rampant through our house causing missed school, grumpy attitudes, aches and pains, lots of coughing and sleepless nights.  Both boys have asthma so it has been especially hard on them and it landed "T" at the doctor but I THINK that we are finally all on the mend...can someone please knock on some wood?!! :)

This has made me start praying everyday now though that we will somehow get a free pass from any stomach bug that may roll through town this winter!!  Ugh, just the thought.

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Margie Hapner said...

While sickness is never a good thing, take in the extra time to get in lots of close cuddles. I always found the first time my newly adopted kids got sick presented the best bonding time to cuddle and lay low. I would hold them and rub their back and play with their hair and soak in every minute. I would remind myself as I rubbed their little head to soak in every strand of hair and this very moment. Sickness is perfect for making them rely on mommy and want to be close, which for some of our children was the only time I could slow time and be so close with them. So while I pray the sickness has left, I also pray it allowed you to bond with your littles a little more and with your girls!