Monday, July 27, 2009

Ok, Ok

I've been reminded by many that they wait for my blog updates and those have been few and far between lately. In my defense, it is summer and the girls have been keeping me busy!! We have been doing lots of fun activities (such as the waterpark last Friday) but I have sacrificed pictures for just enjoying my time with the girls and I love to include pictures in my posts so no pictures = no post I guess...I'll try to do better :-)

This weekend we visited Papa & Grammy and had a great time! We thought we better make it up there once more before all the chaos of school starting begins. We got to do a little school clothes shopping, spend quality time just being together and having a great dinner of grilled hot dogs/hamburgers and homemade ice cream! I realized that homemade ice cream is something that neither Brooke nor Lexy has ever had the pleasure of experiencing...I KNOW, bad Mommy! So Papa made up a batch of homemade strawberry ice cream and the girls (plus Kenzie) got to experience that yummy goodness for the first time, and LOVED it!

After realizing how quickly summer has passed by, Mike took next Fri./Mon. off and we decided to do a last minute mini vacation to Branson, MO. Our vacation at the beginning of July was fun and we got a lot accomplished with the playroom makeover (yes there are still pictures of this coming) but we decided that we just wanted another opportunity to get away and enjoy being a family.

There's been a lot of thinking and talking going on around here about how our family and life are changing this year. I'll share more about those things another time.

Right now I'll leave you with a collage of some pictures of Brooke that I took, man she's growing up WAY too fast!

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