Friday, July 17, 2009

The joy of Lexy...

This morning when Lexy woke up she came out and in a pitiful little voice asked "can you find lovey please?" She doesn't really carry lovey around much anymore but she makes sure he is with her at bedtime every night (along with Sock Monkey, Silly and Froggy). So we had to go on a "lovey hunt" this morning, we even have our own little song for this (as he used to get "lost" a lot)...

"we're going on a lovey hunt

where could he beee

we're going on a lovey hunt

is he hiding from meee?"

We normally would repeat this as we frantically searched through the house for lovey. This morning lovey was hiding between Lexy's bed and the wall hidden by the hundreds of other "friends" that are on her bed :-) Lexy is now laying on the floor watching Dora with lovey cuddled in her arms.


She's getting big WAY TOO FAST for my liking!!!!


Anonymous said...

That layout is simply adorable!

BoufMom9 said...

LOVE the hunting song! Very cute!

Boy, do I know what it's like to have to hunt for "lovies"... sheesh! (my kids also ALL have way too many "babies" in their beds. LOL)

Congrats to the big girl tying her shoes!