Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nothing much

While we've enjoyed our first couple of weeks of summer, we really have done nothing much. We have went to the park, the pool, bowling, shopping and wandered around the mall. But mostly Lexy and I have spent lazy days at home while waiting for Brooke to get done with whatever activities were on her agenda for the day...cheer practice, meetings, driver's ed class, driving, play practice, etc. It's amazing how much Brooke's schedule has filled up since becoming a high schooler! It's almost feeling like we only have one child again as much as Brooke is gone :( She even has her first job working with Bill (my brother) at his concession stand that he takes to different fairs/festivals during the summer. Brooke's working hard to save for that first car...which she says she will have painted pink and put zebra print seat and steering wheel covers in!

Hopefully after next week, after driver's ed is done and cheer practice is over for the next month or so we'll be able to start doing all our fun summer activities! Although I'm pretty sure Brooke will think she needs to drive to those activities since she will have her permit....and that scares me :-)

Really no news on the adoption front. The twin boys/little girl sibling set is indeed going to be available for adoption (both parents relinquished their rights) but we have to wait for the court papers before they can set up a best interest staffing to choose a family so it will probably be about another month and a half before we know anything on them. We are still looking at websites of available children and our worker said she would send us profiles of any kids she comes across but so far we haven't been led to inquire about any other kids.

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debi9kids said...

OH wow! Sounds like you are certainly busy!

Twins girls with a sibling! OMGOSH! How exciting! Keep us posted!!!