Friday, June 25, 2010

Nothing New

Again things are at a standstill as far as adoption goes. Our worker e-mailed the twin boys/little girl sibling set's worker to see if they had decided what families would be included in the best interest staffing but we haven't heard anything as of yet. We haven't received any new profiles either. I am not a patient person when it comes to all of this!! I know that it's really not about my timing or about what I want but it really would be easier if we get matched with OUR child(ren) soon so that we can travel for visits without the constraints of school and activities for the girls. We do have an adoption event next month where we will get the chance to meet some of the kids available for adoption but we've already been told that the only two that will be there in our age range are very high needs :(

So while we wait we've been shopping, going to Chuck E. Cheese, planning our trip to Chicago and to the adoption event and today we'll go swimming. Brooke has been busy all week again with vacation bible school where she's getting to do one of the things she loves, acting in a play. Really except for all the running for Brooke, we've had a very relaxing summer break so far! I've been really trying to focus on all that I am blessed with...a wonderful husband and happy marriage, two great kids and the opportunity to open our home and hearts to more, my family's good health, the blessing of being a stay at home mom and being there for my kids everyday, the opportunity to take a family vacation, etc...I am truly blessed!!

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Wife to the Rockstar said...

waiting is the pits.....