Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Brooke's Informal

Brooke attended her "Informal" dance on Saturday night.  She chose to get ready with her friends and then meet her date at the dance.  She said that she had a great time but that she didn't get to dance with her date b/c they didn't have a slow dance (except the "special dances" where they had to pick an object with someone else's date on it and dance with them) until after her date had to leave. 

From the pictures I've seen on facebook some of the kids went to the extreme when dressing up for the 80's theme dance!!  One of the moms commented that "I never wore anything like that in the 80's", I said "yeah I think our bad fashion got even worse in the translation!" :)

After teasing her hair Brooke came out and asked "My hair looks huge and messy, did you really do this to your hair?".  Yep we did :-)

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