Friday, November 19, 2010

Show Us - Playroom

Kelly over at Kelly's Korner hosts a series called Show Us Your Life.  I've meant to join in before but never got around to it but today is playrooms (or any extra room) and I had to show off our playroom. 

The playroom is my favorite room in the house.  We decided back when we first started fostering (9 yrs. ago) to make our one car garage into a playroom for the kids.  Back then it had a sky theme with clouds, sun, rainbow, hot air balloons and angels.  After we decided to stop fostering (and concentrate on adopting) last summer we redid the playroom in a green/pink theme.  I still want to put diff. colored circles on the walls and get pictures of the girls to put on one of the walls.

Mike & I made this kitchen for the girls.
Craft area, one cabinet for the girls and one for me. (needs some clean up!).

Dress up cabinet and stage area.


Music and TV area.  Dresser holds all our videos.


kelly, said...

What a great space! I am hoping I can foster one day. i've done the classes several times but my husband has to complete them, also. Good luck!!

Ashley Tremaine said...

What a great space. My husband and I are considering fostering....I never thought he would agree to it, but yesterday at church we had a speaker about fostering/adopting... it made us both consider fostering. I am going to start following your blog and hope to get some insight on this venture!!