Friday, December 17, 2010

Adoption Update

Well after submitting our inquiry on the sib group of four in the far away state I have to say I'm disappointed.  Absolutely no word back yet.  Some adoption websites are known for their lack of communication back after you inquire...some even  have the same kiddos on their sites for years!  There is not a way to check in again so I guess we wait and see if we ever hear from a worker.

Our adoption worker e-mailed a couple of days ago to let us know that J&J (3.5y & 2.5 yr b/g) from our state are going to a kinship placement.  A kinship placement is not a relative but someone that knows and is close to the this is not a new person to the case.  They knew about this person way before they asked for adoptive families to come forward so WHY would we be asked to imagine these kids in our home/family, submit a butt load of paperwork and wait months to only find out that the kids are truly not needing an adoptive family?!!

Ugh, I'm feeling a little defeated.

So today I e-mailed our adoption worker asking her some questions about her helping us with a special needs infant adoption with an agency in a far away state.  We have researched this agency and I even spoke with them a couple years ago.  We have been holding off going this route b/c we really felt that we were supposed to adopt a sibling group from foster care.  This agency has several special needs babies needing a home right now, I just feel pulled to at least look further into this option and open up that door.  We'll see what happens...

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