Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Well I told Mike last night that I think I'm going insane...his reply "you really didn't have far to go!".  I suppose he's right lol! 

I found a new sibling set that has caught my attention.  They are from a far away state and there is four...yes FOUR of them.  There are two boys and two girls and they are 5, 3, 2, 1.  Our little house would be SO full, we wouldn't be able to all fit in our van, the transition from their far away state would be hard, our kitchen table wouldn't even come close to holding us all, taking four more little ones to games, etc would be hard BUT oh the love we could share with those four little ones!  I told a friend last night "if any family would take on and could handle the insanity it would be us".

So I inquired about them today.  We've really come to the conclusion that we are not in charge of finding our next child(ren) (God already has done that) but we do have to be open to whatever he has chosen for us.  We've decided that we are just going to follow our hearts, we will inquire about any child(ren) that catches our eyes and hearts and see what doors open or close.

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