Sunday, June 26, 2011

The boyfriend's birthday

Before we left for vacation, Lexy was invited to Brandon's birthday party for the day after we returned.  She was so excited.  While on vacation Lexy searched for just the right souvenier for Brandon and found him a sharks tooth necklace (and got one for herself as well).  Along with the necklace, she gave him a couple of gifts that she thoughtfully chose for him at Wal-Mart and a handmade card that said "I love Brandon".

Lexy had a great time and thought it completely normal that she was the only girl...she is his girlfriend after all!!  It was so cute to see them together, they're like a little old couple always looking for each other in the crowd, never too far from each other.  At one point Brandon came and got two chocolates and called Lexy over so they could share them :)  Another time they were laying on the trampoline by themselves talking while the party was going on around them.  So cute! :)

Brandon's mom shared with me that she thought Brandon would probably wear the necklace everyday.  She has a necklace from her husband that she wears everyday and she said Brandon has told her that he wanted a necklace that was from someone special that he could wear everyday!

After 4 hours I had to practically drag Lexy away from there...only after I promised that we could get together with Brandon again soon!

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