Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer Fun - Week 1

Summer usually ends with me and the girls wishing that we had done more.  So to help keep us on track of doing fun things and going on fun outings every week, we created our summer fun jar.  The white slips have fun things we can do at home and the yellow slips have fun places to go.  Right now I'm letting Lexy pick one white and one yellow slip per week and Brooke can either pick a slip or just come up with what she wants to do.  We also go swimming once a week...something I am forcing myself to do more often b/c the girls love it so much!

This week we went to watch the movie Soul Surfer - Brooke's pick, good movie but a tear jerker!  We also went swimming at the local pool.  We didn't get around to doing Lexy's pick for something at home (chalk art in the driveway) we are saving this slip on the fridge until she has a friend over per her request.  For Lexy's outing we went roller skating...
Brooke, Suzy, Lexy & Avree

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