Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Camp - Week 2

I was starting to feel bad that because we were busy getting ready for the garage sale that we didn't do much in the way of summer fun this week.  As I started looking at pictures though, I realized that we did sneak some fun in :)
Lexy and I made a craft that we found in a magazine.

We tried out colored shaving cream in the bath.  Lexy said it was the best bathtime ever!!

We made and ate kool aid popcycles.

We did lots of baking.  Lexy had her very first lemonade stand and made about $30 in two days!!  She's planning on spending her earnings on a new build a bear this week!

We even fit in our random act of kindness when the trash truck broke down on our street during our garage sale.  Mike and Lexy took big cups of lemonade over to the guys that were sitting in the hot truck waiting for a mechanic.

*No pictures but Brooke joined Lexy and I for a movie (Men in Black 3) and shopping this week too!!

Our garage sale ended up being a pain in the butt success and what we didn't sell we donated.  I am feeling great about all the extra space in the basement!!  Now for more sorting and organizing down there now that I have the room!

On Sunday Brooke and I joined Mammaw for a girls day.  We went to a women's expo, lunch and then did some shopping!

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The Popes said...

I'm glad you posted the colored shaving cream. That's been on my list forever but I'm usually over it by bathtime! Maybe this week I'll actually do it!