Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Adoption Update

Yesterday was court on the sibling group of five for PRT (parental rights termination).  Our worker called today to tell us the results:
  • Fathers rights were terminated
  • Mothers rights were relinquished on the older four with a stipulation of trying to still reintegrate the youngest
  • A relative has been identified as potentially wishing to adopt
So now the workers must do a home assessment and background checks on the interested relatives.  If that comes back ok then the relatives will have first option of adoption.  If it doesn't come back ok then we will be considered for adoption of the older four (if the current foster home doesn't change their mind on adopting).  The youngest will stay where he is and birthmom will work a reintegration plan for him.  If that should not work out then the youngest would then be adopted (hopefully by the same family that adopts the older four). 

So for us this means more waiting...waiting to find out if the relatives pass the assessment and checks...waiting to see if they truly wish to adopt....waiting to see how the foster family feels now that the kids would be split up due to birthmom still trying for reintegration of the youngest....waiting is HARD!


Margie Hapner said...

Waiting can be so very difficult. I came across your blog on the sidebar of another blog I follow. My prayers go out to you and your family. I do not know much about you or your situation as I came across your blog today, but I felt the need to send you a reassuring comment! Everything will work out in due time for your family and all this waiting will seem like forever ago once you have your little ones meant to be yours home. I have been in your same position countless times and know the frustration of waiting and the hurt that comes along with each loss. My prayers go out to you to keep your chin held high and your heart set on finding your children because I know they are out there!

The Popes said...

The waiting is AWFUL. But it's worth it. I'll be praying for these kids and for you. I feel God working!