Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Family Visit

We headed back down for our first family visit on Saturday.  Brooke and Lexy's first glimpse of their siblings was at the foster home.  We all sat and watched the little ones play in a little pool for a bit and then headed in for lunch together.  Brooke and Lexy didn't say too much at that point but they are both pretty quiet around new people and I think they were just taking everything in. :) 

After lunch we took the kids with us for a couple of hours.  There's not much to do in the small town we were in especially in the heat so after visiting a really bad park for about two minutes, we ended up at Wal-Mart where Brooke said we looked like a parade and swore that she wouldn't be going out in public with us much lol :)  But it did give the girls time to push around each of the two carts and get a chance to talk and play with all the kids.  We took the kids for dinner and then returned them to the foster home for the night.

On Sunday morning we picked up the kids at 10am for the day.  G couldn't get out the door fast enough and into Daddy's arms this morning!  It was extremely hot again but we braved a much better park until we were all sweaty.  After lunch we headed to our hotel where we went swimming in the (cold) pool.  After pool time we all layed down for naps.  I was very happy when all three kids felt comfortable enough to fall asleep with us.  Lexy and I went back to the pool during naptime while Daddy and Brooke stayed and napped :)  We had to finally wake the boys up after over two hours so that we could head out for dinner.  After this meal we resigned ourselves to the fact that eating out for our big family would always entail THREE tables and momma serving up the food buffet style but at least we knew we could do it!! :)  We returned the kids to the foster home about 6:45pm.  G cried as soon as we pulled into the driveway and we had to leave him crying with the foster parents :(

On Monday we picked the kids up again at 10am and headed to the same park as the day before...we love that park!  After playing for a while we headed for lunch...Brooke said "here comes the circus" as we walked in. :)  After lunch we returned the kids to the foster home, gave them each a stuffed animal that we had picked out for them and then headed for home.  G cried again.

A took to Brooke right away.  We knew she would because she is 5 going on 15 lol! but she did realize at the park that Lexy is more fun to play with!  She's got beautiful long hair that she's already asked Brooke to fix like hers!  She loves to be a helper but also needs to be reminded that she doesn't need to do the icky parenting stuff, she just gets to be a kid and have fun!  A is also learning quickly that what mommy says, mommy means.
G is definately attached to Daddy but loves to have any of us play, tickle or just smile at him.  He has the best smile and OH those dimples!  He is the most delayed in speech but he did say "Mommy" while we ate lunch the last day just to see if I would look his way and gave me the biggest smile when I did!  G doesn't like to have any other kids play in what he thinks of as his space and will throw a good fit if he's not ready to leave when we are.
T is the silly, cuddly, lovable one.  He likes to give kisses and hugs and say "Hi" to EVERY person that he goes by...Lexy says he would be a good Wal-Mart greeter when he grows up lol!!  He can also throw a good fit and is onery as all get out!  His giggle is so contagious!  The first night he learned a new word from me..."apple" and so we had apples with almost every meal and he would proudly hold up a piece and say "apple" to me and smile real big.

Brooke and Lexy have not stopped talking about the kids!  Both of them have said that they can't wait for them to move into our house.  I think we all feel the same way...they belong with us and we already love them so much!!

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