Thursday, September 20, 2012

Settling In

We have spent our first couple of weeks settling into our new normal and bonding as a family.  Mike has taken a few weeks off of work so that the kids will bond with Mommy and Daddy equally.  Our first week, except for walks and playing in the backyard we didn't take the kids out in public until Saturday, we were all getting a little cabin fever so we headed to the mall and dinner.  Slowly we've been doing more as time progresses.

I think the bonding process is going very well.  The boys know already that we are Mommy and Daddy and come to us willingly for play, loves, help and comfort.  Of course the bonding process will go more quickly for them as they are dependent on us for pretty much their every need still.  For "A" the process will be longer but we are seeing progress already.  While she does talk about her birth parents/family and former foster parents a lot, she does call us Mommy and Daddy and calls our house home most of the time now.   "A" loves to have lots of attention and will take/give hugs and compliments willingly.

This past Monday we signed our adoption placement agreement and will be finalizing the adoption in the next few months hopefully.  Now we are working on getting schooling, therapies and services set up for the kids. 

We did also hear on Monday that baby brothers case plan has been changed to adoption so we may be hearing something soon about if he'll be coming here and if so when.

Some pics from the past couple of weeks...

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