Monday, October 27, 2008

The weekend

This weekend we weren't able to have a family fun day (Mike was on call) but we had a mommy/daughter day. Brooke, Lexy and I went shopping and then went to see a movie (High School Musical 3). We had a great time together! We found a couple more things for Brooke's room to put back for Christmas.

This is where I found Lexy the other day...

Why am I buying presents when I could just wrap up some boxes and peanuts (or number eights as she calls them) and be done???!!!!

I finally got Lexy's costume done for Halloween. She wanted to be "lovey" (yes the one she has always carried around) so I did my best!! Below is (left) what "lovey" looked like new and (right) what "lovey" looks like now four years later...
And here's what Lexy looks like as "lovey". I'll post better pics when she dresses up for Halloween.

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Tonya said...

Her lovey costume is so adorable! I am enjoying your blog so much!