Monday, April 12, 2010


Well we did some major "nesting" over the weekend. We cleaned, organized and decluttered pretty much every room in the house and the basement. I'm exhausted now (doesn't help I haven't been feeling good)! It's hard to declutter and organize when you're not sure what gender, age or how many children you're expecting so we got rid of what we knew we wouldn't need and we'll have to do another declutter/organize after our missing piece(s) comes home :-)

We have our homestudy tomorrow! I'm excited to finally be at this the end of the month we'll be looking at profiles of available kiddos!!! I was standing outside today enjoying the beautiful day thinking...wondering if there'd be more kiddos enjoying the beautiful days and fun of summer with our family.

At Wal-Mart this morning, I was looking for some fabric for our bedroom and came across this on the clearance table...

the first thought that popped into my head was that the colors could be used for either a boy or girl. The fabric was so soft (flannel) and it could be used for so many things (burp clothes, blankie, lovey, stuffed toy, etc.) so without really thinking I had a piece cut and brought it home with me :-)

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debi9kids said...

OH! I can't help but be completely and totally excited for you! You are almost there!

I will be thinking of you & praying all goes well with your homestudy!