Friday, July 16, 2010

Chicago 2010

Highlights of our trip...
  • Excited for an early morning departure from home, we actually got gone with only two bags and three carry ons!!!! Of course Brooke felt like she didn't bring ANYTHING!!
  • Delayed at the airport
  • Lexy's first airplane ride!
  • A SCARY and EXPENSIVE taxi ride to our hotel, Brooke & Lexy's first
  • No lunch and an EXPENSIVE first dinner in Chicago
  • A walk to the nearest grocery store for snacks, etc. so we don't starve!
  • Beautiful scenery
  • Waiting in the heat for an hour to get into Shedd Aquarium
  • Watching Lexy's face at the seal, dolphin & Beluga whale show :-)
  • Lexy dressing up and playing like a penguin
  • Hot & Tired..."do we have to walk anymore?", "how much further?"
  • Watching fireworks from our hotel window after having a drunk woman flick spiders on us on the pool balcony :(
  • Learning all about city buses - another first for Brooke & Lexy
  • A mall & a children's museum all in one place, who could ask for more!!!
  • Lexy loves to play pretend at the children's does Brooke :)
  • Brooke tries to feed Lexy to a dinosaur :) Lexy tried to soak Brooke in the water room :)
  • a purse for Brooke's souvenir, stuffed animal for Lexy ...surprise, surprise
  • Trying a Chicago deep dish pizza - we are not fans :(
  • Getting said pizza free when another hotel guest takes ours by mistake!
  • Beautiful views from the pier of the water and the city
  • Riding the biggest ferris wheel we've ever seen, what a view!
  • A trip to the zoo...loving the animals, not the heat!
  • An unexpected scenic ride on the city bus...note to self, buses don't stop at the same places both ways!
  • Brooke and I saw LOTS of stores that we would have liked to shop at, maybe someday!
  • POOL STILL FREEZING! Lexy learns how to play marco polo
  • Lots of family fun, giggles and memories!!!
  • Another crazy and expensive taxi trip to the airport
  • Another flight delay, wild kids/crazy mom in the seats in front of us
  • Good to be home!!

Brooke said that she absolutely loved Chicago and wants to go to school there for college. I knew if we showed her a big city she would be hooked! Do we dare show her New York or LA?? Lexy liked Chicago but it was a lot of go go go for her, she's a much more laid back kinda gal. Mike managed well with all the people and craziness but I'm pretty sure he won't be suggesting going back anytime soon :-) For me, I've always loved the big city life and thought as a kid that I would end up living in one but I sure wouldn't want to raise kids in a city that big and really it was just TOO much hustle and bustle...guess old age changes our views!! :-) All in all it was a great vacation that exposed us all to things we hadn't experienced before and gave us a chance to connect as a family!

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