Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Fun Begins

(Brooke cheering with the littles from Little Girls Cheer Camp)
(Lexy's first day of soccer practice)

Fall seems to always be our busiest time of year now since both girls are involved in activities.  Brooke has Dazzler (cheer) practice some mornings at 6AM, she cheers at least one time a week and she has drama rehearsal four evenings a week and last night Lexy started her soccer practices that are twice a week in the evening!  I remember thinking when Brooke was little "why do those parents do that to themselves" when they were running all over the place for their kids' activities.  And while I still don't believe in overbooking activities for kids, I do see why parents sacrifice their time and see the enjoyment their kids get out of participating.  We are definately not a competitive family and you would never hear one of us yelling at our kid (or the team) for doing something wrong but we do really enjoy seeing the girls get excited to be part of a team and focusing on doing their best!

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