Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Household Item Day

This week is Homecoming at Brooke's school.  They have "Spirit Week" all week long with different themes each day...
  • Mon. - twin, superhero day
  • Tues. - Household Item day
  • Wed. - Gender Bender day
  • Thurs. - Cowboys & Indians day
  • Fri. - Trojan Spirit day
Yesterday Brooke choose to play it safe and was twins with Kenzie, they just wore jeans and a matching zebra tank with a cheer jacket.  But from what Brooke said and the pictures I've seen on facebook, some of the kids went all out with the superhero theme!

Last night Brooke and I stayed up until almost midnight completing her outfit for today, using gray & white trashbags and duct tape...

Brooke was scared going to school today that she looked stupid and would be "the only one" to dress up...even though all the cheerleaders were required to do it :-)  From the pictures I've already seen Brooke looked almost normal in her trashbag/duct tape skirt and duct tape headband and bows on her shoes.  Some of these kids really go all out, so far I've seen trashbags, newpaper, syran wrap, paper clips, duct tape...I can't wait to hear more when Brooke get home!  When I was looking online for ideas yesterday I came across a dress made of yellow rubber gloves...hmm maybe an idea for next year!

Gender Bender

Cowboy/Indian Day
Kenzie, Cassie, Cristy, Mert & Brooke

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