Friday, September 3, 2010


I'm so proud of Brooke.  Yesterday she came home from school saying that tryouts for the school musical were last night (and the night before).  Brooke went back and forth all evening trying to decide if she would face possible humiliation to be one of the very few freshmen to tryout.  She has loved being in school plays for the past two years but the combination of being a freshmen this year and this being a musical...where she had to sing to tryout was a little overwhelming.  In the end she overcame her fears and went to the auditions with a friend.  When she got home she said that she had to...
  • sing a song on the stage by herself with a spotlight shining on her.
  • perform an unrehearsed two person skit out of a book with someone she didn't know.
  • make up and perform a one person play with a beginning, middle and end based on a scenario that she was given on the spot.
Brooke sang Mary had a Little Lamb for her song and said that she did good for most of it (even with her allergies).  She said her skit went well.  The scenario she was given for her one person play was "you're making a sand castle and someone knocks it down".  From what she showed us, she did a really good job.  She said she had everyone laughing so that's a plus!

They had to mark if they wanted to be considered for a lead, support or chorus.  Brooke marked support and chorus.  She said that there would be an announcement today on who made it.  She was nervous that she wouldn't hear her name...

SHE MADE IT!!!  Brooke is officially in the cast of "Leader of the Pack".

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