Thursday, October 28, 2010

Adoption Update

We are ready for this...why can't it just happen??!!  Ok so I know the answer, only God knows when the perfect kids, time, situation will happen.  I'm trying to be patient and enjoy this quiet time I have right now but I am one of those people that can't get motivated to do the million things on my to do list until I am busy beyond belief!  I have so many things I could be working on but her I sit day after day not doing any of them.  I really should get to work on those homemade Christmas gifts for Lexy & Brooke that are half done!

Yesterday we got paperwork to fill out (asking us silly questions like "why do you want to adopt outside of your race" and "what are your family's strengths" and "what will you do if the children have problems in the future") for J (3.5 yo boy) & J (2.5 yo girl).  Their caseworker received all the homestudies of interested families yesterday and should be narrowing them down in the next few weeks.

We also received the same paperwork for M (3 yo boy), M (2 yo girl) & Z (8 mo. boy).  The parental rights have not been terminated on this sib set (the date for that should have been set at court today) so it will be a while before they are ready to chose a family.  Our adoption worker did talk with the caseworker for these kids yesterday about us and the worker said they would love to have us included in the best interest staffing (even though we are adopt only) when that time comes.

I got all the paperwork turned in and now we just wait some more...

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