Wednesday, October 20, 2010


This weekend seemed like one big party!  Friday after school we had a full house of girls, Brooke and her two friends Kenzie & Cassie and Lexy and her friend Avree.  We hung out at the house, fed everyone pizza and then headed to the football game.  Brooke got to be a flyer (up in the air during stunts) for the first time this year and the squad did a really great dance at half time (the videos just won't load on here).

On Saturday, Lexy had a birthday party to go to for her friend Chase, Brooke had a birthday party for her friend Cassie and then Mike, Lexy and I went to Toby's first birthday party that evening.

On Sunday evening Brooke had another party to go to while the rest of us stayed home and rested!!  It was her first campout and she had a blast with that group of friends!  I love that she has two completely different sets of friends and that she loves spending time with both.

Kati, Brooke, Suzy, Audrey, Lindsey, Taryn, Kelly

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