Friday, October 8, 2010


I'm usually the optimistic one...the dreamer, the believer.  Today I'm feeling discouraged and unsure of what to do.  I got an e-mail from our adoption worker this morning that the sib set of three from another state that we inquired about are now going to be staffed with just their current foster WHY did they ask for homestudies???  I'm a huge advocate for kids staying with their foster parents if it's in the best interest of both the family and the kids...I just don't understand why the foster parents keep deciding at the last minute that they do indeed want the kids.  In our experience as foster parents, we knew from almost day one which kids we would keep forever if the opportunity arose and which ones would move on to their adoptive home if the time came. 

We are now down to one sib set of two (from our state) that we should be included in a best interest staffing for.  To be truthful I'm not feeling much hope.  I know that when the right kids come along it will just happen the problem is I'm not sure anymore if this is what we're supposed to be doing.  On a daily basis I doubt myself and my feelings that we are meant to add to our family again.

I'm discouraged and disappointed...

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blessedmomto8 said...

That has happened to us before. SO FRUSTRATING!