Monday, February 13, 2012

A Dream Come True

All day on Saturday Lexy kept saying "This is a dream come true" and smiling from ear to ear!  All because she got to meet Billy "The Exterminator" Bretherton in person. :) 

Lexy loves his show and watches it every time it is on plus she also watches it on the computer all the time!  Mike heard that Billy would be at the auto show near us so we surprised Lexy.

Lexy must not be the only one that loves Billy/the show because we had to wait in line FOREVER to get the chance to meet him (and she was smiling ear to ear the whole time).  We were very impressed with how Billy interacted with each person.  Lexy wanted her picture taken with him, him to sign the picture we bought and also she wanted him to sign her "Billy" boots that she wore...and he did it all!  Billy's wife, Mary was also there but after some thought Lexy decided she didn't want her picture or signature...we think Lexy wants to pretend Mary doesn't exist haha! :)

Lexy now wants a Billy The Exterminator 8th birthday party next month!

Also at the auto show was Zendaya Colemen, "Rocky" off of one of Lexy's favorite Disney shows "Shake it Up". 

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blessedmomto8 said...

SUPER COOL! My kids like billy too :) His hair is wild huh? LOL