Thursday, February 2, 2012

Crystal Ball

I don't know what to think anymore.  I know that only OUR KIDS will make it into our family...I just wish we had a crystal ball to find out who that is and when they are coming or if there's more coming at all.  I'm so exhausted from all the ups and downs and unknowns.

So here's the update...

1.) Our original three (B-4, G-3, B-almost 2) - Won't know anything until late January court date.  Yeah so now we have to wait until Feb. 17th or later. :(

2.) Other agency (G-5, B-4, G-2) - BIS not set yet.  Have not heard anything on these, we're assuming that the same paperwork difference (in #4) will be a problem with this one too. :(

3.) Our agency (B-2, B-1) - BIS should be set soon.  We were notified today that we were not chosen to be included in the BIS, they chose two families that are closer to the current foster home. :(
4.) Other agency (G-2, B-1) - BIS will probably be the first one but don't have a date yet.  BIS already has taken place, we were not allowed to be included because of a paperwork difference between their agency and ours. :(

5.) Our agency (G-8.5, G-almost 3) - These are another set (like original 3) that have been back and forth on finding a home. These poor girls desperately need permanency but I still don't think it's close since their still waiting on paperwork from another state about a relative for the oldest. :(  We were told that a BIS has been set for Monday Feb. 6th but we won't find out until tomorrow if we will be included or not.

6.) Other Agency (B-4, B-2, G-1) - I'm calling on these three tomorrow but the same paperwork issue could be a problem with them too.  I'm going to talk with the other agency to see if there's anything we can personally do to remedy the paperwork issue since our worker seems to not want to help us with it.

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