Monday, March 26, 2012

Adoption Update

We had planned on being busy during spring break transitioning the three kids into our home.  After being told that wouldn't be happening we were at a loss, we had made absolutely no other plans.  We were in shock but we knew that getting away to regroup and reconnect would probably be the best thing for our family.  So we headed to St. Louis for the week.  The time away did our family good.  We had time to grieve the failed adoption and realize that we all still feel that we are meant to add to our family through adoption.  So while we feel vulnerable and sad, we will push thru the pain to continue looking for "our kid(s)".

While we were away our adoption worker had a meeting where they discussed all the kiddos that are coming up for adoption in the next few months.  By the time we got back she had filled our e-mail with profiles.

We took the weekend to review all the new profiles.  Some were out of our age range...while we have discussed adopting older children later on it is just not right for our family right now.  When we narrowed it down, this is what we have...

1.) Sib set of 3 (g-5, g-4, g-2) - PRT complete, JE rec'd
2.) Sib set of 3 (b-3, g-2, g-almost 1) - PRT happening soon.
3.) Sib set of 5 (g-4, g-3, b-2, b-1, b-2 mos) - PRT set for May
4.) Single child (b-4 mos) - PRT set for end of April
5.) Single child (g-3) - PRT set for April
6.) Single child (g-1.5) - PRT happening soon
7.) Single child (g-5) - PRT complete
8.) Single child (b-1.5)  - PRT complete

PRT (parental rights terminated) - after this happens it takes 4-8 weeks to get back the JE (court journal entry) and then a BIS (best interest staffing to choose a family) is set.

Each sib set/single child has different special needs/issues that we are getting more information about.  We have felt all along that we are meant to provide a family/home for a child(ren) that are harder to place so we have told our worker that if any of the above situations have an overwhelming amount of families interested that we would not submit our homestudy.

We are hopeful that we are getting close to finding "our kid(s)". :-)

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