Thursday, March 1, 2012


Found out on Tuesday afternoon that we were not the chosen family for the two girls. :(  We weren't given a reason why just that all three families were great and they had a hard time deciding.

When our worker called to tell us that news she also said that she would be calling on Wednesday as soon as she found out the results of court on the three kids.  She said it would probably be afternoon before she called so even though I was beside myself with nervousness all morning I didn't really worry that she hadn't called.  At 5pm she still hadn't called so I left a message on her office voicemail.  She still hadn't called at 6pm so I left a message on her personal cell phone.  At 9pm I just couldn't handle the stress anymore and I went to bed, only to wake up every hour all night long. :(

I thought for sure I'd hear from our worker first thing this morning but by 10 am l was leaving another message begging for her to "please just call with an update".  A little after NOON she finally called.  First words were "I wasn't ignoring you, the kids worker forgot to call me so I had to track her down today".  WHATEVER!!! 

So there is still no decision.  Yesterday (all day) was spent hearing testimony again.  Closing arguments will be on Monday, March 5th.  Then on Friday, March 9th the judge will announce his decision. 

I really have no words...ok so I do...sad, mad, emotional, worried, confused.  I want to scream.  I want to cry.  I want to pull my hair out.  I want to punch something.  But most of all I WANT TO KNOW THE DECISION ALREADY!  Except that even if the judge rules in our favor we are not sure if an appeal could be next or what that would mean for us.  UGH, sometimes I just want to move on but something keeps us holding on and waiting...

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