Thursday, March 8, 2012

EIGHT on the EIGHTH!!!

Birthday Girl Lexy eating her birthday biscuits and gravy!
Today my sweet, funny, artistic, loving little girl turns eight.  I tried to convince her this morning that instead of turning eight today we were going to start going backwards because I don't want her to grow up...she was having no part of that. :) 

Lexy started telling us a couple of weeks ago that this birthday was extra special because this would be her "Golden Birthday".  Indeed it is, she is eight years old on the eighth of the month and that only happens once in a persons life!  So we have done up this birthday extra special, she will have THREE parties! 

#1 - Today I will be taking chocolate cupcakes with chocolate gold coins on top and juice to her class along with the Build A Bear "ducky" that she asked for!

#2 - Tonight Grammy & Papa, Mammaw & Tom and Uncle CJ & Aunt Jessie with Ashley, Toby and Johnny will come to our house for spaghetti (Lexy's favorite), caramel cake and ice cream to celebrate.

#3 - Then on Saturday Lexy will have her first sleepover birthday party ever!  She has chosen "Billy the Exterminator" as her theme and we have lots of fun planned!

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