Monday, April 9, 2012


We had a wonderful holiday this year.  On Saturday we took Lexy (Brooke was with a friend) to see the Easter Bunny she also got to enjoy two egg hunts and an Easter festival with games, face painting, balloons, etc at the mall.  We colored eggs TWICE this year too because that's what Lexy wanted to do!  Before bed Lexy made a card for the Easter Bunny and set that out with a carrot and water.

On Easter, Lexy was so excited that she woke Brooke up at 5am (Brooke made her lay down with her) then she woke me up at 6am (I made her lay down with me) then she finally got us all to get up about 7:15am.  The Easter Bunny had left a note and made a story scavenger hunt for the girls to find their baskets.

Then we headed up to Papa & Grammy's house for the day.  We had lots of yummy treats, dinner and it was so nice out that we played outside and even walked up to the nearby park to play.  It was a great family day and I got lots of great pictures outside!  We also celebrated Papa's 70th birthday while we were there!!

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