Monday, April 2, 2012

The weekend

Friday evening Brooke went on her first "girls night out" up to the city to watch a movie (Hunger Games) with her friends.  One of the other girls drove and I was nervous the entire time they were gone but they made it home safe and sound. :)  I sadly know she has to grow up and living in this small town means that part of growing up is driving to the city to do anything!

On Saturday we all spent the day shopping (we went in search for statues, etc. for our garden, we're decorating with gnomes this year :)  In the evening we rented movies and had a family movie night.

Sunday we did our normal cleaning and Lexy had Avree over to play for awhile.  Lexy's been having a hard time since we found out that we wouldn't be adopting the three kids.  She was really looking forward to having more kids at home to play with :(

Playing with waterbeads

Lexy's "bug" ice cream dessert

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