Monday, July 30, 2012

Adoption Update

I kind of hate to even post this for fear that somehow it will jinx us but...

We have been presented with another sibling group (g-5, b-3, b-2) with our agency. 

About a week and a half ago we were sent the profile, along with these three there is a newborn sibling that we will need to be open to taking if his case goes that way.  Last Tuesday I had a phone conference with the current foster mom (they are not an adoptive resource) to find out more about the kids.  On Thursday we received a picture and sent in our official "we are interested" e-mail.  On Friday a BIS (best interest staffing) date was set for Aug. 9.

We are the only family being considered.  The kids need to move more quickly than usual so there won't be a transition plan. 

We are excited for the possiblity but very cautious of really believeing that this could be happening finally!

We do still have two sibling groups with another agency that we have our homestudy in on but a BIS hasn't been scheduled for either of those yet so we are not withdrawing on those yet and just letting things work out how they are supposed to.

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