Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer - Week 6

This weeks fun included...

1.  A new flannel doggy blanket for Lexy (made by mommy)
2 & 3. Two new outfits for Lexy...the yellow shirt says "smart + cute = me"
4.  Ready for a Movie and lunch with Robin, Shilah & Kim plus kids
(Molly, Ryan, Sierra, Sahara, Shyann, Anna)
5.  A shoulder massage for know because he has so much stress :)
6.  Momma's 4th of July toes
7.  Lexy's 4th of July toes
8.  Hot cocoa on a 100 degree day....why not?!!
9.  Playing school with Daddy

 Lexy's new Haircut!  She got 5 inches chopped off and she says it's much easier to take care of now!
 Lexy's artwork.  We found (in Family Fun magazine) and made a recipe for paint that when you microwave it dry it puffs up.  Lexy loved this.
Brooke spent the week at cheer camp.  Her squad won several awards and the girls had a good but exhausting time (Brooke slept for pretty much two days straight afterwards)!
Lexy saved up enough money (from allowance and turning in cans with Daddy) to buy herself another build-a-bear.  She chose a sweet little fox, named him Rudy and got him a karate uniform.
We noticed that there was a stage set up in the mall parking lot so we decided to check it out.  When we got out there they were announcing that Blake Shelton was there to perform.  We stayed and listened to several songs before we had to seek air conditioning again because of the sweltering heat.  Brooke was sad that she had decided not to go with us to the mall, she loves Blake Shelton!

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