Monday, July 30, 2012

Caboose Junction

I found a new experience for us to try after we decided that we wanted to get away for a long weeknd, Caboose Junction Resort at Table Rock Lake in the Lake of the Ozarks.  We left early Friday morning for the four hour drive...a nice relaxing drive until the last hour or so when the roads began to be twisty and hilly for about the last 100 miles!  We all survived :) (momma seems to be the only one with a queasy tummy in the car thankfully). 

Our caboose was right by the lake where we played in the water (well mom did only until she got bit by something and refused to go back in!), relaxed in the hammocks and took walks along the shore.  We also enjoyed playing card games together, talking, laughing and just spending time as a family. Staying in the cabooses was really a fun and unique thing for us.  We loved that there was a small kitchen (with supplies) and a grill so that we could make most of our meals.  The beds were a little hard :) and the bathrooms were TINY but definately a new experience for all of us!

We also took a day trip to a drive thru/petting zoo and ate dinner at a great little diner.  And on our way home we took a drive through Joplin, MO to look at the damage/rebuilding of the tornado last year.

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