Thursday, October 23, 2008

Keeping busy...

Lexy and I spent the afternoon today making and filling the treat bags for her preschool class Halloween party next Friday. She was SO excited to share the playdough, mask, toys and candies with her friends. She named each child in her class (12) as she filled the bags and put "special" things in the bags for each person. The ghost bags are for her teachers and the cat bags are for classmates! I get to do the class party next Friday, at least Lexy is still excited for me to come to her school, Brooke would die of embarrassment!!
Now, normally these bags would not have been done until the day before the event (Brooke even asked why they were done so early when she got home from school). I tend to be a procrastinator but I am SO bored with no foster kids and Lexy being at school every morning now! We have had two calls for foster kiddos in the past couple of weeks but the first (22 mo. old girl/4 mo. old boy) fell thru when they found a home closer and the second (4 yr old girl/5 yr old boy) didn't fit our age range (boy older than Lexy) and we don't have space for two more of that age :-(
I know when we do get another foster placement I will be busy as all get out and won't have time or energy for being bored (or doing projects) but right now I can't wait for that! I've even begun exercising in the that's boredom!

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