Thursday, October 30, 2008

A new visitor at our house

We got a foster call at about noon today for PPC (police protective custody-72 hrs-well actually with the weekend it will be 4/5 days) for a 2.5 year old little girl, we'll call her "M" for now. I couldn't think of any good reason not to take her and seeing as they seemed to be having a hard time finding a home (probably b/c few people want to take a kiddo the night before a holiday) I told them yes. We were told that this is her third time in the system in the past six months. This morning she was found wandering the streets by herself.

It took until about 4pm for her to actually get here because on the way here the sheriff that was bringing her from a couple counties over almost got hit head on. He swerved to miss them and then swerved again to miss the next car and ended up doing donuts into the ditch but no one was hurt thankfully. They had to wait for a tow truck to pull them out of the ditch but the car was still driveable!

She has done great since she arrived, no tantrums and easily redirected so far! We made a trip to Wal-Mart for some undies, socks and a few clothes since she came with only the clothes on her back. She loved her bath (lots and lots of smiles and giggles to me and Lexy who helped) and settled right down to sleep. She is really taken with Lexy, when Lexy helped her put on her lotion tonight "M" told her thank you and gave her a hug and sweet!

Tomorrow will be filled with finding "M" a halloween costume out of our dressup bin, going to Lexy's preschool class party and then an afternoon and night full of trick or treating with Brooke, Kenzie, Lexy and "M"!

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