Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me Monday

MckMama hosts the wonderful Not Me carnival to allow us to admit our shortcomings in a highly theraputic way...without really admitting to them :0) Join in, you'll feel better!

I did NOT offer to go in to the dance ahead of Brooke and her friends to find them dates to walk them in, nope NOT me! I also did NOT witness them tripping over each other in their rush to get out of the van before I actually did go in :-)

I did NOT make my 13 yo feel guilty a few times over the weekend about not wanting me to go on her field trip with her this week, nope NOT me!

I did NOT threaten my sweet little 5 yo that she wouldn't be able to go to her friends birthday party if she didn't stop whining and let me do her hair the way I wanted it, nope NOT me!

I did NOT just rip the bandaids off of Lexy's boo boos for a bath last night after an hour of her crying and whining that it would hurt, that would be mean, nope NOT me!

I did NOT bribe my oldest into brushing my hair in exchange for getting a snack last night before bed, nope NOT me!

I did NOT talk my youngest into getting up to go to school today by telling her what a fun day it would be since it's the last week of school. And I certainly did NOT lie and say "oh no there won't be any work just playing", nope NOT me!!

I did NOT do ANY of these things, nope NOT ME because I am the perfect person in EVERY way, right???!!! Now you can go over to MckMama's to see who else is playing along in Not Me Monday.

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