Thursday, May 21, 2009

School's Out, School's Out!!

Both girls had their last day of school today.

Lexy had a field day at preschool that her teacher asked me to help with. We did face painting, shot water guns at balls, bowling, bean bag toss, moonwalk, balloon animals and slush and popcorn for snack. And even though Lexy loved it all she was exhausted! Oh she also fell down again and hurt her knee so now she has boo boos on both knees and one elbow. Plus she must be allergic to the bandage adhesive because she has a rash where the bandaids were/are...ugh!

Brooke's class was told after their World's of Fun trip yesterday that they didn't have to go to school was their choice...since when do 13 year olds get to make that choice???? Brooke and her friends wanted to go anyway so off they went this morning to do nothing but goof around until 1pm when they got out. I met up with them at Sonic after leaving Lexy's of Brooke's teachers was buying drinks for all of the kids that got a high grade in a special math thing they did (Brooke tied for first place!). They then headed back to the school for a pizza party.

After Brooke got home (Cassie came with her) we set up the slip 'n slide in the front yard for a little School's Out Celebration. Lexy was scared to run and slide this time so she'll need a little practice!

The girls have already asked what we're doing tomorrow...summer has begun!!

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