Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2 weeks

Mike went to the Orthopedic doctor this morning and we learned that he has a small tear in his gluteus minimus muscle. It is a small but very important muscle in your hip area...not the butt area like everyone has liked to joke Mike about. It evidently takes quite a while to heal if torn :(

Mike will be on crutches and at home for the next 2 WEEKS and then they will evaluate further! Good news...Mike will be home with the girls and I for the Christmas break. Bad news...Mike will be home with the girls and I for Christmas break...just kidding :0) Actually the only thing I'm worried about is that we know nothing about workman's comp so hopefully we'll get some answers on wages, etc. in the next couple of days.

Van Update:
Did not hear from the bank today, will call tomorrow. I SO hope they can do what we need so we can move on from this and get a van!

Adoption Update:
Have not heard from the adoption worker to go over the packet she sent. I'm going to start gathering the things I need to photocopy and have those ready to send in as soon as I talk with her.

Mommy Update:
I'm SICK! My throat, ears, sinuses, head, neck, chest all are in bad shape! I want to just lay down and sleep for about 6 days straight but there is cleaning, cooking, bathing, laundry, homework, taking care of a poor out-of-commission hubby that someone must do. So for now I will just push through :-)


BoufMom9 said...

OMGosh! You have as much on your plate as I do. PLEASE take care of yourself as well (you don't want to end up where I am). Remember to take time to relax (maybe have cereal for dinner on a night when you feel esp. stressed.)

Hope you get answers on the van and things move along on the adoption front :)

Anonymous said...

Oh those case workers...