Friday, December 4, 2009

Adoption News!

I know, I need to change the background around here...I'll try to get around to it :-)


Do not go shopping when you have had a bad day (my job UGH!) and a very good day (I finally talked with the adoption worker) on the same day...

Emotionally charged day = severe $$ spent on retail therapy!!!!!!

I woke up this morning thinking that I needed to get up to "the city" and get a few things I had left to get for Christmas. Then I talked with the lady in charge of scheduling at Target (she messed up again and started scheduling me for Sat. & Sun. again) and she was NOT polite. When I got off the phone I was so frustrated and mad that I was shaking. I took off intending to now do some retail therapy and on my way the adoption worker called my cell phone!!!! We talked for about 45 minutes and it looks like we are in the green to start the process!!! So of course then I was over-the-top happy....and....well lets just say I spent WAY MORE than I intended :-)

I did find out that the three girls we are interested in are not with the foster agency that is going to be doing our homestudy so until we get our homestudy done they can't inquire about the girls to find out more information but I'm hoping that maybe I can through the lady that e-mailed me when I inquired on the website.

So the process is looking something like this...

1.) Next week Angela (worker) is sending us an information packet and then calling to go over it with me when I get it.

2.) We need to watch a 6 min. video on their website.

3.) We'll fill out the paperwork that comes with the information packet and send back those, release forms (for them to talk with our former foster agencies), copies of our MAPP (adoption classes) certificate and a copy of our homestudy from when we adopted Lexy. Angela said that there is a possibility that they can use our old homestudy and just do an update (much cheaper!) if the homestudy is thorough enough.

4.) Angela will then request information from our old foster agencies and send our homestudy to be reviewed by another lady to see if we can just do an update or if we will need a new one. This process she said would take a couple of weeks.

5.) In the meantime we will be scheduling health assessments for everyone, finger printing and updating the cat/dog on shots.

6.) After we get all the paperwork stuff done and they decide if we need an updated or new homestudy then we will move forward with the pile of homestudy paperwork, budget, references, etc.

7.) Homestudy completed.

8.) Send homestudy to be considered for the three little girls (if they haven't decided to pick another family before that). If we don't get everything done in time to be considered for these girls at least this will have lit a fire under us to get things that we CAN find our next kiddos :-)

Can you tell I'm excited???? Well except for all the paperwork to be done, juggling schedules (as if this time of year isn't hectic enough), people in and out of the house (best part of no longer fostering!), others judging us (based on house size, income, parenting skills, etc.) but I AM WILLING TO HAPPILY DO ALL OF THAT IF IT BRINGS US OUR NEXT CHILD/REN!!!!!

I'm sure the scared silly, way out of my comfort zone feelings will hit tomorrow :-)


Ninemire said...

Note to you:
ALways good to have a fire set. So long as it is internal and not in the house
Note number two:
You can take everything you bought back:):):):):)
Congrats on starting the process for real. Paper babies are tiring but easier then bio babies....

BoufMom9 said...

OMGOSH! How wonderful! Congratulations! What a wonderful holiday gift for you family!!!!