Monday, December 14, 2009


I have pics from Lexy's Kindergarten music program and Brooke's play from the end of last week/weekend to get on here. I started feeling icky yesterday and all I want to do is sit around or sleep so I'll get to the pics eventually. I probably caught something from all the places we went/being outside in the cold looking for a new(er) van on Friday and Saturday.

My van made it's last trip to pick up the girls from school on Thursday. On Wednesday the oil light came on and we had the oil changed that day but it must not have been soon enough b/c it ran great Wed. evening and Thurs. morning but by the afternoon it was knocking. Unfortunately the van isn't worth what it would take to get a new engine put in (plus at this point we don't have extra money laying around the house). We spent all day Friday at the bank seeing what they could do for us and going from car lot to car lot looking at vans. On Saturday my brother CJ and I went back out looking at vans (in the freezing cold). We did find one that I really like, now we just have to wait until Tues. to find out if the bank can do what we need done. If they can then hopefully we'll have a new-to-us van by the end of the week!!

Adoption update:
I was worried that with my van going to crap that we would have to hold off on the adoption stuff but I think everything might just work out anyway. I got the papers in the mail at the end of last week from the agency and the worker should be calling to go over those with me any day.

A couple pictures to tide you over...

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That's so exciting about your new van!