Friday, February 19, 2010

Adoption Update

Got an e-mail back from the adoption agency today saying that they received our adoption packet/check for homestudy. They have sent on the forms that have to go thru the police/state. The worker did say that our previous two agencies could/would not send them any information on us...typical! But she doesn't think that will be a problem b/c we had copies of almost everything!

The worker gave us the contact information to get our fingerprinting done and gave us a family profile to fill out. She said that she would put our adoption contract in the mail for us to sign. She also gave us the advice to make a picture book of our family, home, etc. to go along with our homestudy when it's presented....she said it helps the people making the placement decisions to connect with us you can be assured we are working on that picture book!

I'm so glad this e-mail came today. Between feeling like we are not getting anywhere on the adoption front, Gabe passing, not feeling well again and it being rainy and dreary out I needed some good news to brighten my day and my mood!!

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debi9kids said...

how wonderful! It is exactly what you needed. God always seem to know when we need to be lifted....